Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pintester Movement- gluten-free chocolate brioche

For my latest post as part of the Pintester movement I'm making Gluten-Free Chocolate brioche found on The Culinary Life. I do not recall ever having gluten-full brioche let alone chocolate brioche but the picture looked delicious. Had I read the full recipe before I started I probably wouldn't have done it but, that makes it even better, right? (Good thing I had nothing else to do this Sunday afternoon)

For this test I decided to make gluten-free chocolate brioche. It just sounded delicious. It also requires about a million ingredients, many of which are expensive (xanthan gum is $14 for that little package). Oh and it also required oil which I didn't photograph and didn't need sugar which I did.
I sifted together the dry ingredients. This is a testament to my commitment to this project. I NEVER sift together dry ingredients. I did have a bit of a xanthan gum explosion which ended up getting it all over the place. Xanthan gum, when wet, is slimy. Seriously slimy. Kind of grossly slimy.  
Next added the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients. I really love my stand mixer.
Go mixer go!

Then it had to rest for 2 hours. This project took a lot of resting. Please try to not notice my khaki capri clad legs reflecting in the bowl. That made me giggle just now.
Next up - chopping chocolate. Yum chocolate. I love chocolate. That's the whole reason I wanted to do this. Chocolate. (I do have 5 toes even though this picture makes it look like I only have 4).
Using a new bigass kitchen knife I cut up the chocolate to put inside the buns. mmm... chocolate.
I had to buy a new bigass kitchen knife because one of my other ones broke. The blade flew out of the handle while I was using it.  
This is the rested dough. It is SUPER sticky. I thought I put down enough corn starch. I didn't. At least not in the center. I had too much in the edges. It seemed a difficult balance. But seriously it takes a lot of corn starch. Oh and here's where I remembered that the texture of corn starch freaks me out. Something about it. It's just so... weird. This part was difficult for me.
Rolling out the dough with my rolling pin coated in more cornstarch. This is nothing if not a seriously messy project.
You sprinkle the chocolate onto the rolled dough and then roll it into a log. Theoretically this is tightly done but it was seriously sticking to the counter so it probably isn't as tight as it could/should be.  
Once you cut the roll into 6 pieces you roll them into balls and put on the parchment and let them rest again for 45 minutes. This project took the whole afternoon. It is hardcore. Also I'm concerned about the quantity of cornstarch still all over the rolls. Plus they are HUGE. Seriously huge.  
Here's the finished product. I cut one open and ate it. It was DELICIOUS. Seriously. Delicious. I have no idea what gluten-full brioche tastes like but these are very good. Almost worth the 4 hours it took me to make SIX of these. (Wow that's not a good effort to result ratio is it?)  


Ashley Blom said...

I wonder if you could just sub all that for gluten free flour? I have a pre-made gluten free mix. You never know!

I did a spaghetti squash recipe for my pin-test :) check it out if you'd like!

Anonymous said...

You did a much better job then I with rolling GF dough...I am useless. Those o look delicious!!

Pintester said...

Yummy! Those look great! And good for you for sticking with it even though it took forever! I might have given up. :)

JRose said...

Corn starch is really icky. It makes me feel a little queasy when I have to make a slurry using it, cause it is just so... stiff and icky.

Congrats on a tasty pin test though!

The Humble Narcissist said...

These look really good but . . . THE BLADE FLEW OFF YOUR OLD KNIFE? You need a post on that . . . and possibly a lawsuit. Sheesh. Glad you're safe and sound enough to pintest!

Laura said...

Oooh yum, your pictures make me want one!

Anonymous said...

Oh yum that looks delish! Glad it worked out for you-I would not have that kind of patience!

Heather Herrington said...

I also Pin Tested a recipe that took for-freaking-ever and involved ridiculously sticky dough. Like you, I baked while barefoot. However, I was a rebel and did not sift my dry ingredients. Also, when I saw the picture of your ingredients, my immediate reaction was "OMG, that's a million ingredients!" Yay for bizarre commonalities :)