Friday, July 31, 2009

We Are Family

While waiting for the bus after the Blue October concert tonight a guy came up to the woman and her daughter who were also waiting for a bus. He says to them, "You're family, where can I find a family bar?" She didn't get it. I didn't bother to explain what he meant by family. I really didn't want to get involved in a conversation with random bus people. But he kept asking her where are the family bars. Finally I pointed out that he wanted Capitol Hill and started reciting all the different bars depending on what he was looking for. We finally established Madison Pub was what he was really looking for and he went on his merry way. In retrospect I'm totally cracking up at myself... "Well if you're into the leather scene there's the Eagle or The Cuff, but if you're looking to dance there's RPlace or Neighbors but if you want..." All three people were looking at me like I was nuts but I can't help it... Also, the lady and her kid were not family they were just a lady and her kid. (I think he thought they were a couple)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Warning: This post may contain disclaimers

So one of the things I did whilst in Chicago was drag Kate the Peon to the zoo. I think we had a pretty good time. One of the funniest things about the zoo to me, though, was the number of disclaimers. It was as though they wanted to be sure the public knew that they were well aware of every little thing wrong in each animal's habitat. In the Penguin exhibit, there was a disclaimer about a penguin who had trouble molting and some of the feathers hadn't come in. At the hippo exhibit, apparently the hippos were being introduced for potential mating possibilities and were a little like a typical chick flick. They hated each other on sight. So there's a disclaimer stating that the hippos may have some cuts and scrapes but that's due to their introduction for breeding. I'm sure that just like that Heigel chick and the oh so yummy Gerard Butler, they'll end up madly in love. There was one about some facial reconstruction surgery that one of the animals had... basically saying "yes we know its nose is deformed now move along." It was both hysterical and horribly sad. Horribly sad because you know they only have all those disclaimers because someone has reported to them x, y or z.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I made a little girl (about 2) have a meltdown yesterday on the plane ride home. Her parents were in their seats when I boarded. As I was one of the last ones to board I think they thought they were home free and could use the extra seat for the daughter. Not so much, sadly for them. I took my seat and the little girl FREAKED out. She screamed. She wailed. She cried. She roared her terrible roars. She gnashed her terrible teeth. She kept plaintively wailing about her seat. "Seat!" "Seat!" she kept saying. She kept wriggling out of her mom's arms and puddling on the floor in a heap. I felt really badly but the plane was packed to the gills. As it was I think a US Air employee took a jump seat (the seats the flight attendants sit in) instead of taking a real seat. Finally she cried herself to sleep and proceeded to sleep the entire 4 hours to Vegas. The father commented she'd never done that before and pondered if it was a possible indicator of the future. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

More Offensive than Drop Dead Diva

So Drop Dead Diva is this show about a fat chick and a thin chick who each get into their own car accidents and die. Through who knows what kind of machinations the fat chick body doesn't die but somehow the soul of the thin chick ends up in it. And oh my god now the thin chick is fat. How will she survive?! Horrifying.

Yet, in my hours and hours of watching ABC Family channel, I have found something even more horrifying. Labor Pains starring Lindsay Lohan. In it she plays a girl who is about to get fired from her job. Instead she tells her boss she is pregnant. He doesn't fire her and then she continues on with the charade of being pregnant buying pregnancy bellies and all that. And this is a comedy? I can't figure out how she's going to get out of this mess without pissing off everybody except since it is a comedy you know she'll come clean and they will all forgive her because this is TV Land.

Later today I'll post my review of Harry Potter. It is mixed. Oh and maybe I'll finally take my camping pictures off my camera and post those too. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Better Week

I've decided this week is going to be a FABULOUS week. I believe this is my karmic pay for the jackass I had to put up with all weekend long.

1. I have a videoconference interview with a position in Philadelphia. I can totally do the job. I LOVE Philadelphia. Seriously this could be good. (Fingers crossed I don't come across as the total low self esteem boss hating neurotic I really am)

2. I'm going to go see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Thursday night. I've ordered my ticket on Fandango. I'm all ready to go.

3. Well ok so that's it for THIS week, but I'm sure there will be more good things to come (like Chicago and the ability to quit my job before I have to do my performance review with bossman).

4. Well I am going to cook enchiladas tonight. I do love the enchiladas. That's good too. I did very very well at eating at home mostly last week and not eating out too much (one lunch and one dinner only!). I'm going to try very hard to continue that trend. (And WOOT! Chicken breasts are on sale 1.99 a pound. It's a sign! :) ) (Ok I don't believe in signs, but if I did it would be)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

My Girls

I never post photos of my girls. They are not my children so I won't show their face online even though I think on a good day only 3 people read this but I did like this photo and can share it. We went camping at Kayak Point Park in Snohomish Co. We had a pretty good time. Played a lot of Apples to Apples and played on the playground. We cooked and ate and did arts and crap. All in all it was a pretty successful camping trip.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


So I'm going to Chicago for a few days later this month. Michelle's going to Blogher conference and I'm going to just be a tourist. You can imagine my joy at the email I received from my celiac group listing GF restaurants in Chicago. I'm not positive I'll get to go to one, but it is nice that there are options that I may be able to easily find. I may have to actively seek out Swirlz Cupcakes. Now to figure out what I'm going to do whilst there. :)

Rose's Wheat Free Bakery
The Balanced Kitchen
Da Luciano's
Stillwater Restaurant and Wine Bar
Gluten-Free Grocery
Adobo Grill
Weber Grill Restaurant
Lou Malnati's
Whole Bakers
Uno Chicago Grill
Vinci Restaurant
Lux Bar
Swirlz Cupcakes
Smith and Wollensky
Tavern on Rush
Ben Pao

Shop til I drop

Yesterday I went to Target to get an air mattress. $104 later I leave Target. How does it happen? Well I bought the mattress but I would need a pump to blow it up so that's another thing and then the pump needs batteries so there's something else and then I thought about how much I love Target's brand of fruit leather so I bought some of those and then I found myself buying more underwear and a couple of bras and there you have $104. Ridiculous isn't it?

I also traded in 4 video games and bought a new one and a previously owned one at the mall. I was sad to discover the health food store I used to go to all the time is now closed down. Oh and I went to the movies at the new theater in Northgate. It is a beautiful theater. Of course because it is brand new and relatively unadvertised so it isn't crowded at all and dirty yet. The chairs were super duper comfy. I liked it.

Today I went to the grocery store and that wasn't too bad but then I went up to the drug store and bought... yet another fan. I now own 6 fans not counting the ceiling fan that is in the kitchen that isn't "mine". Sadly, 3 of those fans don't work. I need to throw them away but I get all bogged down in the "can I throw this away?" question and instead I just store them in my apartment. I keep thinking I can't throw them in the trash and have to find another way to dispose of them but then I don't know what the other way would be. This new fan oscillates. It is the most wonderful fan ever!

I bought Big Brain Academy and Mario Kart for my DS. I spent 4 hours this morning playing Big Brain Academy. It might be an addiction. I like Mario Kart, but mostly I like the regular one and not the challenges. I need to practice the regular way before I get into them too much I think.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What does this even mean?

So I was reading my horoscope and here is what it is for today:

Prepare yourself. The more you've been thinking about doing something 'different' lately -- and the more restricted, controlled and constrained you've been feeling -- the more amazingly erratic your behavior has seemed to the people around you. That's not a reason to stop yourself, however. Every now and then, everyone needs to let go. It's officially your turn, and your turn has only just started.

My turn has only just started? I need to let go? I don't think I've seemed more erratic. How do I know? Whatever. :)