Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 The year in review

I've seen this done before, but most recently Clara did it and I think it is clever and interesting. The first sentence of each month.

January - I was watching Fraggle Rock as my last video of the old year, having already watched The Dukes of Hazzard and The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. (I like how I started the year with a sentence fragment.)

February - Yay! I got the most fun mail ever today.

March - I always find it so funny to listen to people speak in their own language and then hear them drop in a phrase or word that is distinctly English.

April - This morning I had to take Tess to the vet.

May - When I was in college, the dorm I lived in had distinct sunny side and dark sides.

June - Today was our employee appreication event.

July - Isa and I went and watched The Devil Wears Prada yesterday after work.

August - Here's a dilemma and I'm wondering y'alls opinion.

September - Friday was probably the most perfect Friday ever.

October - Sometimes I get tired of my life.

November - I went to donate blood yesterday and after undergoing rigorous testing, (ok finger pricking and taking the big whopping drop of blood) my blood didn't sink in that tube of green water.

December - 1 - Can you believe it is already December?!

It is kind of fun to stroll down memory lane. I reread some posts and was reminded of some good things. :)

New Year's 07 Goals

One can never plan new goals without reviewing last New Year's goals to see how I did. Upon review, I can say I did not do well. :) I only think I accomplished #1 on my list. I have been actively trying to be less judgemental about people whose priorities are different than mine. No meal planning. Yoga happened but only for a little while and, well, I guess I am over WC but I definitely haven't found a replacement. Sigh.

1 - I want to do better at my job. I feel like I've been slacking way too much and I don't like that.

2 - I want to head back to the gym. I felt good when I was going to the gym. I stopped because of the damn tendon that won't heal. It still isn't that great but I know regular stretching will help it. Sub goal 2 - I'm going to take a yoga class offered by the U. They have a ton of them.

3 - I want to do two volunteer projects a month. I'm usually good but I've slacked off a lot recently. I don't think (besides the scouts which is a whole other thing) I've done one this entire fall.

4 - Sunday adventures need to resume. They don't always have to be a hike or walk in the park, but I need to get out on Sundays and enjoy the city I live in. Sub goal 4 - I have to do one very nice thing for myself per month. A nice thing that does NOT involve sitting on the sofa all day. Take myself to a good movie or get a mani/pedi or just anything that is a treat.

New Year's Eve

Did you know that you can find Spongebob Squarepants on TV about 20 times per day. Yesterday I think I watched them all. I should be horrified by this fact, but I'm not.

I can't believe my time off is already almost over. That makes me sad. Although in reality it is a good thing I don't have more time off. I tend to eat when I'm at home and bored and since it is a very LONG time until the next payday (curse you once a month payroll cycle!) I don't have a lot of random money to spend, and what I did have I spent Wednesday. :)

This weekend I'm going to spend with some friends in a house in Long Beach, WA. We rented a house for the weekend. Two of the people are the folks I camp with so I know them pretty well. The other are two sets of couples I don't know that well. I'm feeling a tiny bit of anxiety... this is what happens when 7 people live in a house blah blah blah :) I am also looking forward to it. There are things to do there and we're just a short path to the beach. It'll be a nice quiet relaxing weekend. (Sampson, of course, will be coming with but I don't think there's internet there, so I probably will have a lot to say on Monday when I return.)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fabulous fantastic day!

Oh so many reasons today is a great day...

1 - (And this is the best one) I passed my test! I PASSED MY TEST! :)
The bus ride out to the testing center was so long. It took 2 buses and I was on the first one at 8:12. I really have to remember that Mountlake Terrace the road is nearby Mountlake Terrace the suburb is really far. :) (Not that I had the choice, the testing for the whole of Seattle area is in Mountlake Terrace). But I ended up getting there at 9:10 in the morning, which was an hour earlier than I needed to be. And they let me test early so I actually ended up leaving shortly after my appointment time. I will say this, it was a HARD test. It was harder than I expected and I had reviewed all the notes and stuff. I didn't do the reading, though. I am bad about that but as I was doing the early chapters of the reading, I kept thinking I know all this so I gave up on it. :) I passed, though, and that's the important part. :)

2 - After the test I decided to go shopping! Yay! I had good bus luck and caught the buses I needed to head back to Seattle. The only bad part is that I called to get an idea of how to get from the Lynnwood Transit Center to the Northgate Transit Center and the instructions I received told me to get off at one stop and then go and grab a different bus just up the block. I walked up and down the block and never did find the bus. So I caught the next bus back to Seattle and then changed buses in Seattle to get to Northgate.

3 - So much was on sale! I bought soap at Bath & BodyWorks. I bought new jeans and then put in an order for two more pairs, they'll mail them to my house. They were only 20 bucks each. I know I'm supposed to be boycotting the fat chick store, but they were having a big sale and I NEEDED jeans. I also bought some Kinnickinnick food from this health food store so I have some frozen GF foods. :) Life is very good.

4 - Now I'm home and I have just had a big piece of pie. One of the very nice things about living alone, I can eat a quarter of a pie and nobody says anything. :)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Oh so full

Yum. My Christmas dinner was so fabu. Roast beef, twice baked potato and I'm looking forward to Black Forest Cherry Pie in maybe an hour. The pie didn't take as long to cook as they do when I'm at my parents'. I think probably because they make like 4 pies, but the custard didn't take nearly as long to cook in my new little pot. Her recipe says take 10 minutes of stirring and bubbling until it is thick. It took maybe 4 minutes to get there when I made my pie. I hope it tastes great. Although the crust is sad and pathetic since I was having a difficult time rolling it out and so it ended up being a lot thinner and didn't goup all the way along the sides of the pie pan. Eh, the crust is really only to help hold it all together the filling is the good stuff. :)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted! :)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

White Christmas

I have a hard time believing it is Christmas tomorrow. It doesn't feel like it to me at all. Of course part of that is because I decided this year not to decorate. No tree. No lights. Nothing is up in my apartment. My presents are stacked in the bedroom. I think I'll open them while I lie in bed tomorrow morning.


Yay! My parents' box(es) of presents came in yesterday so now I have all but one of them. I had figured on Friday that I'd miss the parents' boxes and so I didn't go down to the post office and pick up the one that's waiting there right now. I never know when to open the presents. Since I live alone, I could totally open them as they arrive. Who would know? But then I feel an odd sense of guilt if I open them too soon, like I'm breaking the rules. I do feel odd opening them all by myself on Christmas morning, though.

I got the girls a Christmas present. (the girls being Tess & Rigby the ferrets) While I was out yesterday not studying (ok I did a little bit but not enough), I stopped at a moving store and got a bag of the packing peanuts that are the water soluable kind. If Rig eats them (which she LOVES to do) they won't hurt her. I put them in a box and so now they can play and bulldoze in the box. Rigby likes to take the peanuts out of the box and tuck them places. I woke up this morning with about 7 of them all around me that she pulled out of the box and laid on the bed. She's so silly.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Best week ever!

It is very early on Saturday morning and I totally should still be asleep. The damn ferrets had different ideas about this and Rigby pestered me until I got up to give her her morning treats. Yesterday I only had to work a 1/2 day and can I tell you how long that half day was?! The only day worse was the day before where I swear the 11:00 hour took 15 hours all by itself. I kept looking at the clock and it would be 11:02 and then I'd do work and think more time passed and looked at the clock and it would be like 11:05. BUT... the best part is that I am now done with work until January 2nd. The whole U shuts down and so I have a week off. With pay. Of course I'm going to be spending it doing boring things like studying for my cebs test on the 27th and cleaning, but New Year's weekend Isa and a bunch of other people and I are going to a house in Long Beach for the weekend. It should be fun I hope.

Oh holy hell. The bus adventure required to get to the CEBS testing place is two buses and I have to catch the 1st one at 8:12 AM to get there by 9:30. Sigh. It's a 4 hour test or else I would take the flexcar.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

6 Weird things about me.

Blaugra tagged me with a meme. As if I needed another reason to talk about my idiosyncrasies. (Honestly I started this on 12/7 apparently it has taken me over a week to come up with 6 weird things about me)

Here are the rules - Each player of this game starts with the "6 Weird Things about You." People who get tagged need to write a blog entry of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog!

1 - Even though cognitively I know 100% it isn't true, I still believe a teeny tiny bit that certain inanimate objects can feel things. I blame the Velveteen Rabbit for this. I would've been so fucked up as a kid if Toy Story had also been around.

2 - I have real food texture issues. There are several foods that I may actually like but because I can't get around how it feels in my mouth, I can't eat it. (This includes things like onions which I like the taste of in my food but I can't put one in my mouth because the slimy texture of cooked onions freaks me out).

3 - I have similar touch texture issues. Textures like terra cotta pots make me cringe and don't even get me started on plaster of paris.

4 - I own two ferrets and I walk them on leashes. In public. I should stress that I don't consider this weird, although judging from the reactions of the people in my neighborhood, they may disagree. :)

5 - I am incapable of doing the dishes without having to go to the bathroom at least twice during the time. The running water. I know. I'm a freak.

6 - I love weird socks including Christmas ones. But I have very strict rules about when I will wear certan ones. The Christmas ones cannot be worn before Thanksgiving. The ones with fall leaves or winter snow flakes are only worn in fall/winter. In the spring I tend to wear just regular socks. And in the summer it is all sandals all the time. (Hmm.... Maybe I need to buy spring motif ones this year. :) )

Also I am not big on tagging so I'm breaking the rules and if you want to do it, go for it! :)

Who knows about today but tomorrow...

According to my horrorscope for today:

Nothing beats good news. Tomorrow’s new moon suggests that you’re about to come upon the new affiliations, intrigue, and excitement that you’ve been hoping for. Some of these places to go and people to meet could really be outstanding.

Let's hope for something good. :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stubbornly stupid

I have a schedule on Sunday mornings. I do laundry. This morning the elevator was not working (not especially shocking, happens periodically and usually it is due to the door on 3 not shutting properly.) So I go down to 3 and the elevator isn't stuck there so I decided to just take the clothes down by stairs. I started with one set of stairs which are better stairwise (not too tall or narrow) but then changed at floor 2 because ultimately I have to take the other set downstairs. These I dislike because they are fairly steep and narrow. They are the only ones that go to the basement. As I was going down, I misstepped and fell into the wall while twisting the bad ankle. It was awesome. Luckily I only stumbled down 3 steps worth because it was a short spot until the next landing but I did manage to whack my right cheek against the wall. Damn elevator.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Chicago is no longer the windy city. :)

Due to crazy winds and rain, the U was closed today. Apparently it, and 170,000 Seattle homes, are without power. Strangely this side of the hill had no power issues so Isa and I went to the movies and lunch. The downtown area was the place to be because it was very busy. I went and saw the Pursuit of Happyness. It was really really good. Rather inspiring and all that.

Yesterday walking home in the torrential rain was quite an adventure. We were both soaked within about 2 blocks of leaving the U. As we crossed one street we had to get into the water and that was ankle deep. By the time we hit Pike & Broadway, though, the water rushing down Pike was actually upper shin deep. Yeah, you couldn't see where the sidewalk ended and the street began. Ever so glad I wore my new shoes yesterday. I wonder if Nordstrom's does returns based on acts of G_d. Right as my shoes were drying out (one side of the street was MUCH dryer than the other) I ended up having to ford across another street. When I got to my apartment, I wrung the water out of my pants before I headed inside. I was so happy to get into my jammie bottoms and fuzzy socks.

Ooh, yesterday I got a nice surprise. One of my favorite faculty members who retired last year got me a gift card to our bookstore. It was so sweet of him. I helped him out a lot with his benefit stuff getting ready for retirement. He was so super nice and impressed about how much I know. It was a very nice feeling. He also talked nicely about me downstairs in the main office. I just wish my biggest boss or immediate boss heard him. (Actually biggest boss may have, I wasn't downstairs). :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dansko Squeak

Due to the informal poll in my office I think we've established that there are two different kinds of Dansko shoe soles - one which may develop the squeak and one that doesn't.

The 'original' Dansko clog sole seems to not make the squeak. One of my coworkers has had a pair for 3 years and it never squeaked. That would be this sole. (This pair of clogs is actually the pair I just bought. I like them so far, although I walked to work in them and I got a killer foot cramp. Now they feel just fine. My other pair of Danskos have this sole too, the little black pair I wear with dresses)

The newer soles are the ones that I had that started to squeak within 2 - 3 months of wearing. I suspect that these are the soles that eventually develop the 'Dansko squeak.' (Something I only heard about after they developed a squeak and I googled it.)

Monday, December 11, 2006

These are things I love today...

1 - My landlord put up a real Christmas tree in our lobby. Our lobby smells so good. I could just move my TV down there and veg for the rest of the holiday season.

2 - This makes me want to bake sugar cookies. Now if only I can find a good recipe for good gluten-free ones. :) I may make some to give to my landlord. :)

3 - Food network challenge. I watched a holiday cake decorating one last night and it was so amazing. It also totally made me want to eat royal icing from the bowl while watching it. :)

4 - Nordstrom's liberal return policy which I hope I don't have to use, but is the reason I'm going there to buy my next pair of danskos. If they develop "the dansko squeak" in 3 months I can take them back easily.

One thing I don't love today... The student center, where I frequently get my breakfast, was closed so I ended up cobbling together breakfast from things I buy at the bookstore. That means today's breakfast is beef jerkey, fruit snacks and soda. (Well soda is normal). I also got fruilt salad from Starbucks but I am not 100% sure that it was worth 2.85 plus tax for a bunch of green melon, 3 pieces of pineapple and like 2 pieces of canteloupe.

Friday, December 08, 2006

His benefits are cut off...

One of the associate directors at my college works in a department where they have access to these rather cool jackets. My coworker has been bugging him about them saying she wants one. Well today he came through for our department. Unfortunately, in his world, our department consists of her, the recruiter, the biggest boss and Isa. There are 3 other members of the team that he neglected. My feelings are hurt. And I'm offended. He said it was a thank you for all the hard work the department does for his department. Uh hello... who helped him when he had a new baby and put the new baby on the plan etc? I'm so cutting off all his benefits.

I think for dinner tonight I'm going to use the left over broth from a bowl of tortilla soup I had yesterday for lunch and mix in chicken and fresh tortillas. (Ooh and more cheddar cheese) Yum. :)

I can't sleep.

I can't sleep and it is starting to make me crazy. It has been a week. I haven't been able to get to sleep before midnight. Not because I'm not tired but because I just can't sleep. I then sleep like the dead for about an hour and a half. At 1:30 I wake up. And then I fall back asleep by about 2:00. And then I wake up at 3:00 or 3:30. And then I fall back asleep. And then I wake up and it is 5:00 or 5:15. And then I am awake. I now have a frequent headache just brewing in the back of my head. I called two of my girls by the wrong name yesterday AND I identified a brother as the wrong person. I'm going slightly nuts. I think tonight I may have to have a little meeting with Mr. Sleeping Pill to see if this will help me. I didn't even have caffeine after 4:00 last night so that wasn't the problem.

At last night's meeting, we tie dyed socks. It was so fun and they were really good about not making a big fat mess (which is always impressive). I now have 14 little and 2 big socks hanging in my bathroom drying. They managed to get some very impressive colors out of the 5 I gave them. They are really all rather funny. Apparently, though, children's sock sizes (like T-Shirt sizes) mean very little. The label on the package says that they fit 6.5 - 8 but my girls all claim they won't fit. Who knows. I kind of have given up on ever hoping that an art project about clothes will ever fit the kids... :)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Testing a theory.

I've joined I can't believe I've done it but I'm a follower and two of my friends are doing it and I think it is more fun to do it when friends do it together so we can mock the ridiculousness of some of the weirdos together. Like the ridiculousness of the 86 year old man in Utah who just emailed me. Well, according to his profile he is 86 so even if he isn't who the hell would want to date a guy who would make up an age? So either way he is 17 years older than my father which makes him an unlikely candidate. You know, unless he has money. :) I am, however, going to try to be open and embracing of the process, you know until I get yet another wink from yet another ultra conservative and I freak out all over the place. (I'm sure there'll be one that will be the straw that breaks the back and all that.)

Now the above rant will be particularly ironic considering what I'm about to bitch about. My single friends who complain that they can't meet anyone or nobody wants to meet them or whatever and yet their standards are so ridiculously high. I get there has to be some attraction there or something, but seriously to dismiss someone 15 minutes after meeting them is kind of harsh. In the interest of full disclosure I will confess to having done so, but in all honesty the guy was a good 5 inches shorter than me, appeared to be somewhat to considerably older and reeked so badly of pot I thought I was going to get a contact high. So that's not high standards that's eliminating the completely obvious. I digress. Last night Big R (who less than a week ago was bitching high and low about how the gays don't like him and how he'll never find a man blah blah blah) was getting chatted up by a kind of goofy guy about his age. The guy wasn't a Brad Pitt or anything, but was his body type and seemed nice enough. And he wasn't totally a troll. When we left he bitched about how the guy kept talking to him. He barely gave the guy half a chance. (Maybe I'm being judgemental because honestly I get the potheads who are as old as my father... rarely does anyone in my own age bracket talk to me.) My other friend in California, not Michelle, frequently bitches about not meeting men yet she'll discard one with the flimsiest of reasons. Her favorite, she just didn't 'feel the click.' Give me a break and give people a chance! They may surprise you. Maybe I am a romantic at heart but I think real love develops once you get to know someone and I've said it before, someone who looks like Clint Howard can end up being as hot to you as Brad Pitt once you realize what an awesome person he is. And someone as hot as Brad Pitt can appear to be the dog doo on your shoe once you realize what a terrible ass he is.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pimp my Donor's Choose Challenge


I realize most of y'all read both me and The Peevery where both Peeved Michelle & I are running Donor's Choose Challenges, but I just wanted to let y'all know mine is still open and I have just added 3 new science project requests to give you some more variety. There's now teaching chemistry to little kids, or you can contribute to geometry understanding with kites and high schoolers, or you can send a bunch of little kids (Pre - 2nd grade) to the Baton Rouge Zoo! Or you can help reader Robin with her Attack of the Video Club!

If you can I thank you and have a great day!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Tear in the aorta.

That's what caused my friend's death. Slightly better than what we originally thought. (Not that a person dying young is ever good. Or that a new mom dying is good, but you know.) In the grand scheme of things, the new baby is not what killed her, but a previously known about heart defect. The funeral was as awful as you would expect one for someone so young to be. It was held in the campus chapel and two of our priests presided over it. My favorite campus priest did the eulogy and it was very good. Seeing how shattered the husband was as he held the baby and walked down the aisle after the casket was just heart breaking.

I spent the rest of the weekend shopping and doing nothing. Fred Meyer failed me. This is a first for them, so it is a little surprising. They did not have the pasta or the crackers which were the whole reason I went to Fred Meyer. I'm going to have to venture to Whole Foods I think. I wish it were Friday.

Ooh I'm going to Canada this weekend with Isa. Yay!

Friday, December 01, 2006


Tomorrow is my friend's funeral. It will be here on campus and I suspect a lot of people I know will be there. I'm a bit weirded out about that because I'm certain I won't be able to not cry at it. I realized that after tomorrow I will have attended the same number of funerals that I have weddings. How weird is that? I thought that balance didn't happen until you were in like your 60's or something. Of course, in reality I've attended 3 weddings and now 3 funerals so in reality it isn't actually that huge a number for either one. Wait! How could I forget the gay one? Phew. Thank heavens for the gays. I still have attended more weddings than I have funerals.

Two things...

1 - Can you believe it is already December?! How did that happen?!

2 - I think next spring or summer I'm going to go up in a hot air balloon. I've always wanted to do that, it just seems so amazingly cool.