Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tattoo #3

I'm considering getting another tattoo. This, of course, prompts 2 questions. #1 - what and #2 where? Both are a little bit difficult for me since I have all sorts of rules about location. I am toying around with one of the two below, perhaps drawn by a far better artist than I using something better than Microsoft paint. The one is Mickey Mouse ears stylized like my dragonfly. The other is obviously a girl in a tent. I don't know. Maybe I won't.

One is the lonliest number blah blah blah.

In college our friend Shelley used to sing this song regularly. It was not the best singing possible.

I dropped Rigby off at the pet sitter's yesterday morning. I don't like being petless. Nothing curled up at my knees while I fell asleep last night. Nobody to talk to when I got home from the movies yesterday.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Go speed dater you're burnin' up the quarter mile...


So I went speed dating with Lyday and her friend June yesterday evening. I was totally regretting it in the afternoon and contemplated backing out of it. I may still be regretting it but it has only been since last night that we all finished. (I just mean if nobody wants me and everybody hates me and maybe I should go eat worms fashion.) :)

It was fun in a weird way. (And in a 2 drinks in way but this is a straight bar so they don't pour as well as my gay bars used to) There were 9 guys and 10 girls. The host decided to sit in but he just chatted about nothing and wasn't actually an option (plus I think he might have been gay and by think I mean pretty sure). There were three Aussies, two of whom worked on the same boat and were H-O-T. Seriously one was so hmm... what's the word... engaging. He held amazing eye contact and it really seemed like you were the only person in the room at that time. All three of us loved him. The other one just seemed like he'd be really fun. ;) There were about 3 or 4 microsofties and 1 amazonian. Weirdly 2 of the microsofties were from Toronto but they didn't know each other. (I only think that's weird because they both currently worked at Microsoft and both had been there about 14 months and both were from Toronto so it almost sounded like Microsoft had acquired a business and then moved people here.)

So now I'm waiting. I said yes to a whopping 7 out of 9. None of them were too bad. (totally unlike Catholic speed dating). I might have a bit of self-esteem trouble if NOBODY says yes to me because seriously... 7 out of 9. But they were all mostly normal guys. None were overly physically hideous. It was fine. I survived. However if none say yes to me I'm never doing it again, just so you know. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's a good thing I don't take birth control pills. Apparently I am incapable of taking any pill regularly. I'm supposed to take Dapsone once a day to help keep any accidental ingestion of wheat from covering me in blisters. Usually I take 4 at one time once a week. Now that I'm on antidepressants, I am supposed to take those in the AM. In the last 4 days I've remembered to take them once. That day would be this morning. This afternoon I felt rather energetic, like I could actually accomplish something after work (I did attend 2 meetings but I did not boil chicken like I thought about doing). I think it's mostly psychosomatic. Similar to when I first started taking them and I thought I felt better. According to science I couldn't but I felt like I did. Part of the problem is that I am supposed to take them with food. Do you know when I eat on the weekends? Late. Sometimes not until 3 or 4 pm. It is ridiculous I know. I blame the whole no wheat no bread thing. If I could eat sandwiches that would be much easier.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Please, Please, Please let me get what I want....

Only Morrissey understands!

I want a new job. However, I don't actually want to have to do anything to get it. I just want it. Won't someone hire me? Please? Oh wait... won't someone hire me in a state or city I might want to live in? Please?

Went to my employer's fancy party Sat night. It was fine. I didn't have as good a time as I had last year. I think Frankie Valli(y?) has more upbeat and peppy songs than Gladys Knight. I didn't recognize most of her songs.

I'm sick of job hunting. I'm going to whine about that (obviously. :) ) But I'm going to have to really step it up (ugh, every competitive reality show in the history of competitive reality shows use that phrase) to find a job. Bossman has recommitted himself to finding a new comp/ben director starting in Jan. Sigh.

In happy golucky news... I'm headed to CA on Monday to shop with Michelle. Yay! You're jeelus aren't you? I'll also get to hang out with the kiddos. I really only like the one, but the other might be gaining on her. (probably). Now that she's out of the baby burrito stage I like her more. (Or I will when I see her. Baby burritos freak me out)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Take the good take the bad....

So I think I've ensured I'll have a new job in a new city by May. I told my apartment managers I would sign a 6 month lease. Here's my logic: Right now over the holidays there typically isn't much hiring going on. So that leaves me until January for the jobs to start rolling in. I can start applying then (I'll keep applying now but the well, she is drying up). It usually takes about a month to actually get a job through the whole process. I have to give 30 days notice here. It could quite possibly be until April that I have a new job and my new 6 mo lease would run out at the end of April. In other thoughts about April... if I'm still at the U in April I will have been job hunting for an entire year. That kind of sucks. However, I don't feel too badly about myself over that. I'm in a niche job. It is a bad job market AND I'm trying to move away. All of these create a bit of a problem. If I believed in fate or karma or cosmic balance or whatever I would say "I'll get a job when the time is right blah blah blah" in reality it is more I'll get a job when I get one hopefully.

I have totally failed at the posting a blog a day. I'm also failing at writing a novel in a month. Crikey it is just FAIL! month. :) That's okay. I never finish nanowrimo and usually I can find something else I'd rather do when I'm at home, like watching SpongeBob SquarePants while sitting in my pjs.

This weekend is the big fancypants dance. I'm going to get a mani/pedi in the am and my hair cut and styled at 12:40. I'm excited for that. It is nice to be pampered a little bit. :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Better Dress

Please ignore the bad angle and the stupid face I'm making. It is hard for me to take a picture of myself and get the dress in the photo too so I balance the camera on a stair in the stair well. But this is the newest dress. It is a steel/purple with black net overlay and sparkles! I love sparkles. This was the first dress I tried on today and I LURVE it! It is knee length and I feel like it is a younger dress than the other one.

Gala Dress

Here's what I bought for the gala next weekend. I'm not 100% sold on it the way I was with the other one. I'm going shopping for shoes today. I may look and see what's out there again. What do you think?

Please ignore the pigtails that are worn on weekends until I can get my haircut next week. I think Michelle's kid has longer pigtails than I do.

The crystal pattern only goes on the front. I think that bugs me.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Big Ups to Kate in VT

So my friend Kate in Vermont reads this semi-regularly (or maybe even regularly) so Hi Katie Girl! Glad the kiddos are good. :)

I took Rigby to the vet today. She has the Adrenal Disease. This means 100% of the ferrets I have owned have had it. Sigh. She'll now go get a 40ish dollar shot every month until she dies. Since she is 8, that could be any month now. Although since I think she might be pure evil, she'll never die. (She's not really pure evil. Baxter was pure evil. She BIT. Rigby does not bite. She just doesn't seem to like me very much. ALthough all ferrets I have owned seemed to be like that. I am getting a cat next - maybe one of those creeeeeeeepy sphinx cats that are hairless so Michelle and the kiddos and her husband can visit me - but definitely I'm getting a pet that will let me pet it and love it and squeeze it and call it George.)

I do love this episode of Friends where Phoebe gets married. If I ever get married I want to do it outside. (Ok that's just a romantic notion and reality will probably prevail and I wouldn't want my like 800 year old dad to freeze to death in the snow)

I'm making chili tomorrow night. I am weirdly excited about that. I'll make chili and corn bread. Whee!

I need to try on my fancy dress again with my industrial undergarment. I am going tomorrow to get new shoes to go with the dress and I need to figure out if I also need a new industrial undergarment and/or a slip. My back is fairly exposed in this new dress. And at least when I tried it on, the new dress was all about the static. I'm going to get my hair trimmed next Saturday before the fancy pants gala. I'm contemplating bangs. I probably won't do it though because I'll hate them approximately 15 minutes after cutting them. But it could be fun for a change.

I finally saw that Single Ladies video by Beyonce. I don't get why it was such a great video. Whatevs.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Dreaming of Suburbia

I know Stephen will disagree with this because he hates living in suburbia, but sometimes (and more and more frequently actually) I really want to live in the suburbs. I live in downtown Seattle. It is awesome that I can get to the theater, movies, restaurants, a couple malls, work and the grocery store all on foot. Don't get me wrong. I love that. Here's what I don't love:

1 -Very few restaurants deliver to my neighborhood. Several pizza places in Seattle have a Gluten-Free option. I would LOVE it if I could be like a normal person and just pick up a phone and get delivery. I could if I lived in various suburbs. There's ONE Chinese and ONE Indian restaurant that delivers to my area as far as I know. There is a couple pizza places, but they have no GF options.

2 - We have few normal stores to buy normal things. There are multiple drug stores in the area which is kind of helpful, but sometimes you need like two towels, a plate and a laundry basket. No dice around here, unless you want to spend a fortune on Macy's or similar for towels. Well maybe Ross would be an option, but is Ross ever really an option? I would love to live closer to Fred Meyer or Target.

3 - For seven years I have lived down the hill - literally - from 3 - 4 hospitals. My road is the main road ambulances go down to get to the hospitals. Sometimes I would like to not hear the wailing of the sirens all evening long. Let's not forget the ones that wail for the old folks home across the street and the 2nd one down the block.

Is back-dating cheating?

I'm trying to do the blog a day thing for a month but I have already failed! I can't help it. I was so exhausted after water aerobics that I fell asleep on the sofa at 9:45. 9:45! I only got home at 8:00. I woke up at about 11:15 and stumbled to bed and fell back asleep until this morning. When I woke up again and then laid in bed for about half an hour - 45 minutes and then fell asleep again! Seriously I'm wiped out. Damn bronchitis.

I may not have been fully up to attending water aerobics anyway. About 3/4ths of the way through class I started the deep coughing. I persevered but mostly was doing relatively easy exercises. I wanted to go because my damn foot (christ I'm an OLD person aren't I? An entire post devoted to my crappy health. Why don't I start bitching about where my cane is and those damn kids on my lawn next?) has been bugging me.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

There are no lamps in Seattle

Ok. There are. But there are none that I'm looking for. And it isn't like I'm looking for anything special or fancy. I need a lamp that will clip to my headboard because my current one died. Admittedly I haven't field tripped to Target or Fred Meyer yet because it only died Monday evening and I haven't had the chance to go to the burbs. But Ross, 2 different drug stores, the bookstore at my employer (who did have other lamps but none that clipped to things and since I work for a college with dorms shouldn't they have clip lamps? I'm 100% sure that's where I bought this one) and Bed Bath and Beyond didn't have them. How could Bed Bath and Beyond not have clip lamps? I don't get it. I was going to try Office Depot but they were already closed by the time I got there. Saturday I have to take Rig to the vet. I shall endeavor to find a Fred Meyer or Target at about the same time.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

V did not disappoint

I really liked it! It was a great update of the original. I love how they have such kick-ass women in the series. With the original the leader of both the resistence and the visitors were women. In this one, same thing... That's just awesome!

The chick who plays Anna... gorgeous. Seriously. And yet seriously creepy at the same time. I'll be sad if it gets cancelled. ABC is not the greatest channel for holding onto shows, but maybe they'll hold onto this one.

Time to buy a new lamp

I don't know what it is I do to them, but I've broken another bedside lamp. This is the 2nd one in 7 years. It just stopped working yesterday... no warning. I know it isn't the bulb because it is a brand new flourescent bulb inside. So I headed down to the bookstore to buy a new one. This is where I got the current lamp. They are no longer carrying them. What? Don't kids in dorm rooms need bedside lamps? Apparently not. On the way home I went into my local drug store. I find it weird that I can find so many things that are not drug store products there. I'm not sure which annoys me worse... the weird shit I can buy there or when I can't find some weird thing. For example, I could buy a new cell phone, a bunch of packages of ramen, a screw driver, or even a Snuggie, but I couldn't buy a new clip on lamp. I'll have to head to Fred Meyer or Target this weekend to replace it. Grr.

Now that day light savings time is over, it is so freakin' dark at 5:00 pm. I find I can't walk home and read anymore because it is too dark. I did solve this problem. It is probably extremely geeky of me the way I did it... I bought a book light. So now I hook the book light to the kindle and I can read as I walk again. :)

I'm so excited about the new series V tonight. I hope beyond hope it is good and it doesn't get cancelled.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Cracked me up

I had to call Comcast today to ask a question. I had a voicemail that I needed to order some special digital add on to keep my cable working. I thought I had digital cable so why would I need this special add on. Turns out I don't. I do have digital cable and so the phone message was just stupid. BUT the part that cracked me up was one of the options on the IVR. As I'm listening it says "If you are in the Spokane area and your cable is stuck on CSPAN please press 7." I wonder how many people have been stuck for hours watching CSPAN.

Unrelated, I cleaned out my freezer over the weekend. There was a HUGE shelf of ice off the ceiling of the freezer (top?). I threw away a trash bag full of food from the fridge and the freezer. Today on my way home from work I stopped at the grocery store to restock. There's so much space in the freezer I don't even know how to cope. Now to hope it doesn't all get freezerburn in the next 2 days. Sigh.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Party People!

It's been a LONG time since I've been to a Halloween party. Back when V and I were still friends we went out to a bar one night in costume, but in general I'm fairly anti-Halloween. I do LOVE to give out candy to kids and all that, but I don't live in a house and even the last time I did, there weren't a lot of trick or treaters coming around which was a bigass bummer to me.

So Lyday is seeing a vegan. Let's all pause to consider the inconceivability of that... lyday is like me in that she eats meat and not so many of those things called vegetables. And she tends to be less adventurous in her food than I am and who really knew that was possible? (Although she has now eaten tofu and fake something else and she didn't hate them so more power to her, but in my defense fake meat tends to have wheat in it so I can't have it). Vegan had a Halloween party which we attended. I chatted with several guys there. One was a vegetarian, one was not, one was a vegan. The omnivore I met when I noticed he took some chocolate from the bowl for the trick or treaters. I joked that clearly he isn't a vegan. (Vegans can't eat commercial chocolate... milk you know. Vegans are weird). Clearly I had been drinking because honestly, I can't really talk to men otherwise. OMG! I'm like Raj on Big Bang Theory. (Not quite that bad, but I'm fairly anti-social. I know this.) (Also if that's not a sign I'm turning into a hermit, I don't know what is). Anyway, it wasn't bad. It could've been better. It could've been worse. I'm not too sad I went. :)