Sunday, March 25, 2007

Go Go gadget... oh I'm too tired!

I've been on the go since 3:00 on Friday and I finally got to stop at about 5:30 today. It is good to be so busy and full during the weekend, but at the same time it is exhausted and I spent way too much time on public buses this weekend.

At 3:00 I left work early and went to the bank to drop off GS cookie money. I deposited the last of the cash.
At 3:30 I got home and rustled up Tess. She had a shot to get at 4:30. We hiked up to the flexcar at 3:45 and she got her shot with no problem.
At 5:00 I was back home and studying for Saturday's CEBS test. I left about 6:00 because I had volunteering at 8:00 and I wanted to grab dinner before I catch the bus to volunteer.
7:30 I arrived in Fremont and spent the night taking tickets at the Hop Scotch beerfestival. I was there until 11:30 and managed to catch one of the last buses back to downtown to go home.

Up and studying for the first hour before I caught the bus to take my next CEBS test. (CEBS stands for Certified Employee Benefit Specialist in case you care. There are 8 tests total. This was my 2nd one.) I got there at 9:30 even though my test wasn't until 10:30. They let me go early and I took only about an hour to take the test. I passed! Yippee! I just missed the bus back to the transit center so I ended up waiting outside for a half an hour. (Boo) And then the bus I caught was late and so I missed the buss I was hoping to catch back to Seattle and it took me far longer than I think it should have.
1:00 I was back in town and stopped to pick up lunch and laundry detergent since I had to do laundry on Sunday morning.
I ate, showered, and was out the door by 3:10 to catch a 3:30 bus. Here's where bus debacle happens. I go down and wait for the 3:30 bus that allegedly was coming according to the bus trip planner. And I wait and wait and wait getting more stressed and no bus. Finally I catch a different bus and end up having to get off at a different stop and trucking along worried about being late. But I make it in time and I get to pour beer. Yay! I like doing this. I stupidly agree to go to the "red carpet" section which was fun, but the beers there were two tickets and a lot of people were not pleased with that. So when it was time for me to leave they come over and there aren't enough volunteers. The other 2 girls with me are dying to leave and I said I'd stay. So I picked up 1/2 a 2nd shift and didn't get to leave until 10:45.
I grab some dinner (This is the 3rd meal of tacos I have had over the weekend.) Catch the bus home and crash into bed after midnight.


7:00 I woke up and started laundry.
By 10:00 I was showered and out the door for shopping at Target. I bought a new bathing suit and some Cetaphil (on PM's recommendation) and a bunch of other stuff. I got back at 12:30 and realized that I had no idea what time I had to catch the bus to go to the splash party for the girls. That was from 2 - 4 but I did wear my new bathing suit and got in with the kids. I was out the door at 1:20 to catch it
Caught the bus at 4:48 to the grocery store. Picked up some stuff for dinner (what's the first rule of shopping... don't do it when hungry. I think that's how I ended up with some of what I ended up with. ) :) Came home flopped on the sofa and eventually got up and cooked dinner and showered. All in all it was a fun weekend and so so busy. I love pouring beer at the beer festival. I'm ready to crash though. I feel like I could sleep for days. :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Whip it good!

I was just downstairs talking with my coworkers about Folklife Festival and how I like volunteering for it but that my favorite South Park episode is Die Hippies Die. (Honestly it is AWESOME although the Cesar Milan one comes in a close 2nd in my heart.) Little hands commented that she finds it funny that I make fun of the hippies when I am a hippie. I had to comment that a certain part of me may be hippie but not all of me. (Which caused red (red haired coworker who is the recruiter) and guy coworker to laugh.) So I had to point out that I don't smoke pot nor do I use patchouli (ew). Little hands then called me a whippie. A wanna-be hippie. All I can say to that is whip it good! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I was walking past the former work crush as he entered the bathroom. For a brief fleeting moment I wondered what he would do if I followed him in there and jumped him. And then I laughed my ass off at the thought.

Also, the bug guy came into the main office while I was down there and looked for ants and did a spraying thing. After he left, my coworker and I looked at each other and both our eyebrows shot up at the same time as we were both awe inspired over how hot he was. Woah. We then joked about how we may have ants more often. :) He was yummy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

10 Things I Hate

Not everything is sunshine and roses you know. :) I've been thinking lately of the things I hate the most (currently this list is of course ever changing).

1 - Old Navy I bought socks there Friday night. I wore them Saturday. There is now a hole in the heel. Old Navy is back on the boycott list. They had previously been on the list due to: 1 - Shoddy products. 2 - The weird fit of their products. 3 - Their commercials that I hate so much it makes me want to punch someone.

2 - Fat people who are now thinner and all smug pants about it. Sometimes, they're more judgy and condescending than skinny people like THEY could do it, obviously you are some fat pig that can't do it so you suck. You know?

3 - My hair. I hate its current style and length and everything about it. I would shave my head but well, no. :)

4 - A committee I'm on at work and many of its participants. Seriously. Many of them suck.

5 - How itchy I am lately. My hips and legs are itchy all the time, but there's no rash. No reason that I can find.

6 - The lotion I bought that smelled really good in the bottle, stinks with my body chemistry.

7 - Pop-under ads.

Ok apparently I don't have 10 things. I was reaching with number 7. :)

Thanks to the Stephen and the Seattle weather, I now have more! :)

8 - Hail. While walking home from work today I got hailed on. It was not a good feeling.

9 - Rose scented anything. In college I lived across the hall from a girl who I swear bought rose perfume by the gallon and used it every day... multiple times in the day. It was awful and ever since then I have hated the scent.

10 - Things that stick to the bottoms of my feet. I LOVE to go barefoot, but I hate it when things stick to the bottoms of my feet. This includes the Danskos I wear with dresses or the crumbs from ferret treats on the floor. Or, as happened in a memorable kitchen day, the uncooked rice that I ended up stepping in after the rice cooker hurled itself on the floor of the kitchen in a fit of annoying insanity.

11 - Dead batteries. I was so pleased on Sunday when I remembered my camera so that I could take pictures from the top of the tower. (Which is an AMAZING Seattle view.)Only to discover that the batteries were almost dead (and died after about 4 pictures).

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Footloose and fancy free!

What a glorious weekend!

Yesterday I field tripped to Odyssey Maritime Museum for a Gluten Intolerance Group event of GF beer and food. I had pizza and quesedillas made from teff tortillas, and these amazing chicken wraps. I also tried my first crab cake which confirmed my dislike of crab cakes. There was also brownies and pound cake. The pound cake was great... the brownies not as much. I also had 2 beers which prompted me to think that I may be a bit tipsy. :) One was actually a cider and that was yummy. The other was a GF beer and since it has been over 11 years since I last had a beer, clearly I don't remember what real beer tastes like. This was really bitter and I wasn't partial to it. It is cool to have an option though. I like the Odyssey museum. It is sad it may be closing due to money. But it is a cute little museum with fun and interesting activities. I think the bad part for them is that they don't have rotating exhibits and I think that's a problem for repeat business.

Today was The Big Climb for Leukemia and Lymphoma. Today is the day regular people do the climb up the 69 flights of stairs. They go up 788 vertical feet and it is 1,311 stairs. It was a good time, but I am EXHAUSTED. I left the apartment at 6:30 this morning and got home at 6:30 tonight. I was at the climb until 4:00 and then stopped into the library to study for an hour and a half. I picked up dinner on the way home and now I'm sitting here propping my feet up. I've been on them about 10 hours... they kind of hate me right now. :) A couple things that surprised me or touched me about this climb... 1 - there were a large number of kids doing the climb. It was awesome to see these little kids who RAN up the stairs. Similar to the firefighters, there were a lot of groups running or climbing for someone else. There was one team from Olympia that was HUGE. (Puyallup I think now that I think about it) They were all wearing blue t-shirts and had 3 ribbons pinned to their shirts. The ribbons represented 3 kids who had cancer. They also had a picture on their backs of a little baby. I asked one of the women walking about the child, and unfortunately s/he had passed away. I almost wanted to cry, it was so sad to think about this cute little baby (toddler technically) with bright blue eyes who died so young. I was kind of glad when that whole group ended up going back downstairs after they were done. The shirt made me sad. A coworker talked to me about maybe doing this next year. I think it could be a good thing. I don't know if I can train for it though. I'm not sure how the tendon will love this. Ooh also, I saw the two married guys we went to Long Beach with at the top of the climb. They ran up the stairs which is awesome! (There are two different ways to do the big clmib. There's one group that gets timed and for them it is all about the time. There's another group that just walks and they aren't timed. Well, walkers probably could do the timing thing if they wanted to. Really it is just timed vs not timed.)

Next weeekend is shaping up to be just as busy as this one. I can't wait until April, when I'll drop to sleep all weekend long. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Are you wearing your green? I am! (Of course I have green eyes so I wear green by default. :) )

I had a FABULOUS Friday night! My new DVD shelf and dutch oven came in from Target. The DVD shelf was completely easy to put up and it is a perfect size for the space I purchased it for. If I were the type who owned 100s and 100s of DVDs it wouldn't be enough, but it is perfect for me. :) When poking around the cupboard where my VHS tapes are stored, I discovered I had more DVDs than I thought I did. There were about 5 Disney ones I had forgotten I bought when I lived in CA. Yay!

I then went downtown to go shopping! I spent a bunch of my mom's birthday money which was nice. I picked up two DVDs that I wanted, a new shirt that I think will look cute for going out, a new computer game, new socks & jammie bottoms, and a bunch of little Japanese things from this new store in the mall called Daiso. It is like a Japanese dollar store (almost everything in the store is $1.50). I picked up some Indian food and even better Coldstone Ice Cream! :) Life is great! :D

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


My baby sistah came through like a champion! Firstly she sent me gorgeous tulips to my office (since my #1 birthday request is always flowers sent to work.). Then today I got another present from her. It had a cool Mickey Mouse rain jacket and umbrella... and even cooler... Mickey Mouse silverware! :) She needs to know she's now on the hook for Mickey Mouse plates sometime in the future. ;) My mamacita actually came through quite well as well (which is a bit of a surprise). She bought me a red pot (which I asked for) and red kitchen tools (which I didn't but that's okay). She also sent me a gift card to Target which makes me happy. :) I used it to order a dvd/cd rack and a dutch oven for camping. I'm excited about the two of them arriving. She also sent some $$ which is always nice! :)

Michelle & I were discussing my whole inspection problem. I'm being inspected tomorrow and I'm kind of annoyed about it. I can respect Michelle's opinion... the owners of the building want to be sure I'm doing right by their building. I'm not growing pot in the kitchen or anything. So while I can respect that, to me this is my home and I don't want a random stranger traipsing through my apartment. I think it would be easier for me if I there was a system to it. If I knew every January they were going to want to inspect I could cope with it easier than the random papers attached to my door telling me they're coming in x amount of days. Also I've been "randomly" selected more times than some of my neighbors. That bugs me too. Although I think this round, they're inspecting everyone. So I'm taking the morning off work so that I can be here when they come through and I'm shutting my bedroom door because I'm hoping they'll at least respect that request. The nice part is, that when I'm done I am done and I can spend this weekend and the rest of this week studying my ass off for my CEBS test next week.

(totally unrelated, I'm looking at what this guy is making on food network and it totally looked to me like a vagina. The decoration and all that. It was vaguely disturbing.)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Crisis averted

I didn't expect to be spending my birthday evening trucking up the hill to the flexcar I had on Sunday, but 30 minutes ago there I was. I should rewind a little further when I was sitting on my bed counting Girl Scout cookie money. I counted what we took in on Sunday and then decided to marry it with the money from the previous sales. As I'm going through the money from the previous sales I realize a very bad thing. I'm missing a hundred dollar bill. I had received it on Sunday and since I had to go to the car to get the change (since like a weirdo I was carrying ALL the GS money I had) I left the bill in the envelope in the car. So I'm realizing the bill is not with the envelope. I check my jacket pockets, throwing out every thing in them... no bill. I check the back pack I was carrying... no bill. Now I'm panicking because the only other place it could be is in the flexcar. I had "hidden" the money in the console under the arm rest and it must've falled out. I call flexcar and ask both if someone turned one in or what the procedure is if I need to just check on something that may be lost... do I have to pay the whole half hour rate? (Although it is 5 bucks... if the bill is in the car it is totally worth it for me being dumb.) So he was very helpful and nice and said that for lost and found calls if there're no miles on the car during my 1/2 hour I don't pay for it. I throw on my jacket and trudge up the hill to see. The whole while I'm asking for what I want and visualizing the result in my head. I open the car and lo and behold... there's a hundred dollar bill in the console. Maybe the secret DOES work... ;) (But my apartment was decidedly NOT clean when I got home so now I'm conflicted). As a treat to myself, I bought myself McDonalds for dinner. I was going to cook a real meal since I need lunch the rest of the week but I changed my mind. :)

Happy Birthday To Meee!

Happy Birthday to Meee!
Happy Birthday to Meeee!
Happy Birthday to Meee eeee!
I don't look thirty three!

(Or maybe it is act thirty three!)

Today is going to be a good day. I've decided it is so and I am embracing the birthday. I'm wearing my shiny deep purple blouse. I'm wearing a springy lavender skirt. My boss and a coworker gave me daffodils for my birthday which are in my office looking all happy and yellow.

Oooh! I also baked cupcakes last night! CUPCAKES! :) Chocolate ones that I frosted with vanilla icing and I had pink frosting to put on them but I didn't because I ran out of time. (Plus the pink frosting wasn't as good as I wanted it to be). I brought them in to share and baked them in heart shaped cupcake tins (the ones from Reynolds like the star ones).

I've also decided I'm going to embrace the concept of "The Secret." That's that semi-crazy book about how you can get what you want by putting it out there. Ask, receive, believe is her mantra. Truthfully I buy into some of it (power of positive thinking and all that I believe but that is not unique to her) but the other part I find weird. I read an excerpt (which by no means is the whole book, but what I read was weird) in either Time or Newsweek online and she goes on and on about how to become skinny visualizing, and believing but not dieting and don't even think about dieting... to the point of not even looking at fat people. So I have two that I'm going to try. The first is that I'm going to ask that my apartment will be clean when I get home. If I receive that... then I'll believe. ;) The other is a secret, but I'll even try to incorporate her whole looking at pictures and visualizing what I want and look at people successfully doing what it is I want. I'll let you know how this works out. :) (I'm fairly certain the first one won't but you know... power of positive thinking and all.) :P

Happy Birthday, Joanne!

Your blog asked me to post this for you.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


So I'm watching stupid My Super Sweet 16 on TV right now and as appalling as the show is, the birthday girl did apparently do a toys for tots drive in place of receiving presents. Or so it appeared, since there were Marines there with big bags and everybody was bringing really childish toys (although I did briefly think it was part of the whole "Christmas" theme). Of course on the flip side, she did have a semi-famous rap star (I haven't heard of him but when I heard his song I recognized it) and he was at least 85k to play the party. AND she received a special custom 6 door hummer. (Who needs a 6 door hummer?!) So I guess in the hierarchy of grossness of that show she's less gross than some of the other girls and she didn't have any selfish meltdowns like some of the other girls did.

Unrelated, we had another site sale today. We started out with 9 cases of cookies (which would be 8*12 equals 96 cookies) and we ended with only about 30 cookies so that's damn good. Now I have to figure out if we will do one more site sale or if we should just be done with all that and well I don't know what to do with the other 30 boxes.

I cleaned the bathroom this morning. Well most of it. I have to do the tub again because the soap buildup is bad.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Paranoid and suspicious

I received a notice yesterday that next Thursday they are going to come in and inspect my apartment looking for any repairs that may need to be done. My first thought was "Fuck I have to clean." My 2nd thought was more paranoid... are we going condo? As more buildings around me convert, I've had minor fears that we're going to be one to go next. I usually manage to assuage them with the thought that our 1 bedrooms aren't kosher 1 bedrooms by city of Seattle standards. With the exception of the 4 corner apartments, the one bedrooms are all interior bedrooms. To be considered a true 1 bedroom, they must have a window of x by x inches for egress. And actually the apartment across the hall from me (and I assume on all the floors) is a 2 bedroom which isn't a kosher 2 bedroom since one of the bedrooms is interior. My other thought is that we're under yet another new management company. I think that is more correct since I didn't think RPM was our management company before. They most definitely are now. In either case, I have a fun week of cleaning ahead of me. Go me.

In other news, I've broken my itunes cherry and purchased 2 singles last night. It didn't take as long to download on dial up as I thought it might. Obviously it isn't ideal for huge downloads, but for one or two it seemed just fine. In case you care I purchased Hate Me by Blue October and In The Sun by Jonathan Author. In The Sun is technically a Christian single, but not listed that way on itunes. If you've watched Saved! as many times as I have you would know In The Sun is the song that plays when Cassandra is looking for Roland after he spends the night abandoned at the school after Cassandra gets expelled.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

69 Flights to the top baby!

I volunteered again for the firefighter stairclimb today. I had an afternoon shift and I wasn't doing equipment removal like I did last year. Somehow it felt less... I don't know... less accomplishing. I did time chip removal this year. (I asked for equipment removal but they only had cadets doing it this year.) It was still fun. It's always fun. We went out for a very short time afterward, but since this year they advertised that there was an event at Fado's it was probably 50% more crowded than it was last year. They were at capacity and continued to be that way until we left. For me, personally, a bar where I have to sidle by because we're wall to wall humans is not fun. NOT FUN I say. The person we rode with decided to leave early so we left with her. I'm not too sad about that. Now I can cook dinner and put new sheets on the bed. Such an exciting life this singleton leads. :)

I sometimes wish I had littlehands easy way with people. She seems to make friends very easily and people always want to hang out with her. I'm a little envious of that. (Again with the envy? What's wrong with me lately?! :) ) Sometimes I still feel like that nerd from the 8th grade whose best friend moved on without her. And like I'll never catch up. (Ok apparently 1 drink is not the right amount for me. It appears to make me all meloncholy.)

Yesterday while I walked past Domino's pizza I thought what if I just buy and eat a whole pizza? What would happen? For the most part I probably wouldn't break out too badly. I do take medicine to control the rash, but I suspect an entire pizza would be more than the amount of drugs I take can handle and I'd end up broken out. I also think that if I were to do that it would make me want to eat wheat all the time and ruin my years of not having it. It is kind of like having a one night stand in the middle of a dry spell. After a certain period of time without sex you barely notice it anymore, but if you have sex in the middle of that, it's all you can think of again. It throws the whole balance off. :) That's my theory anyway.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I was right about hippies.

This morning was our first site sale day. We went to PCC at 10:00. I figured that'd be a good time because people like to shop early in the AM to get it done with. I was right. We sold 50 boxes in our 2 hours there. It'd be more exciting if that translated to more than 22.50 but whatever. :) Only 3 girls showed up. We had a pretty good time. I'm pleased with our first site sale results. :)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

So sweet!

I just got flowers in my office! I LOVE flowers at my office! They're from the same super sweet guy who gave me chocolates for helping him and his wife with their medical insurance stuff. So sweet I almost cried. :)