Sunday, January 12, 2014

Six Weeks Left

As the title suggests I have 6 weeks left. I've been slacking over the holidays because a - the weather has been very cold and apparently just like I don't want to exercise when it is 100 degrees out, I'm not so fond of doing it when it is 40 degrees. I've also been struggling with the I don't wannas. But I'm (yet again) finding renewed vigor and excitement in doing this. It helps that there's only 6 weeks left. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I can see having to go to the gym a lot less and no more long runs on the weekend.  At my water aerobics class is this old guy who used to run. (I say used to because he has a heel spur which he has had to rehab for quite awhile) so now he's walking. He keeps saying he could train me so I've taken him up on his offer. On Tuesday we're going to go for 4 miles and see how to get me to the pace I need. If it works I'll see if he'll be willing to go again.

Today I went out and only managed 7.4 miles. I was hoping to go further.  My pace was better than usual but not where it needs to be. Part of that is the last mile and a half where I a - ran out of water and b - the wind picked up. This wasn't a nice cooling breeze. This was WIND and somehow despite the fact that I made a 90 degree right turn almost the entire mile and a half was into the wind. I almost gave up and sat down and took a nap. (Only a slight exaggeration).  The other problem is that I mis... mis something... misestimated (that's not a word I don't think). My concept of a mile is pretty much stupidly wrong. I knew the trek to my grocery store was about 2 miles and somehow I was hoping the distance going the other direction was further. That's illogical. I get that.

One of the things I want to do in Orlando is go to Universal Studios. I had forgotten that they had Harry Potter world now. I MUST go see that. MUST. That's the plan. A couple days in Disney World. A stupid 1/2 marathon. And never ever running again. :)  MISCALCULATED that's the word I was looking for.