Saturday, December 08, 2012

Domestic Time

In an apparent vain effort to become more fiscally responsible, I have given up the housekeeper. So I now have cleaning supplies and a vacuum and everything. I used to think I didn't really take pride in cleaning, but I think now I get it. I have been cleaning the kitchen this morning and it has been good for me to really go through my stuff to purge and clean as I go. I have been reading about hoarding and my sister and I will have to be vigilant (probably me more than her because she moves for work a lot) because there is a nurture component to it. Which I can see. Before I moved out of Seattle, I was probably more on the brink than I care to admit. And it is easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you are as big a hermit as I am. If it is just me and the cat, why bother cleaning? Luckily I get visitors from far away places periodically. So here is an open invitation, need a place to stay in the metroplex? Come on by. : )