Friday, October 30, 2009

No Pigflu Here

Well the good news is that I don't have swine flu. I think it was realtively unlikely that I did anyway, but I don't. I do have acute bronchitis. Sigh. Last week when they checked my blood oxygen levels it was only 95%. This week... 93%. Apparently that is bad. So we did another albuterol treatment and she gave me more drugs. Whee drugs. But since I'm allergic to hydrocodone, no good cough drugs. Sad for me. Just predinsone which I'm not a huge fan of, but only for 5 days. According to Webmd, it should take 2 - 3 weeks to clear up. Sigh. Although apparently the hoops I get are strictly for those with asthma history. If that's the case, I can't imagine being a non-asthmatic and having bronchitis. Nothing was helping me at all. It is just too much!

Michelle's husband got laid off. This presents an interesting change in our plans. He may take a new job somewhere else and then I would move there. I guess. I think in reality I have to figure out what my real end game is. I think I really want to live near Michelle. I miss hanging out with her. I miss hanging out with her kids. I may even miss hanging out with her husband, even though he's a Republican. (Michelle is too, it is a flaw I have to overlook. :P ) Michelle knows me. And there's something comforting in that. So, I suppose if hubby gets a job in Dallas that's where I'll head. Maybe it will make my job hunting a little easier... to have a end place already in mind (as opposed to a vague list). I could live in a place that lets me have a dog. This dog on tonight's episode of Monk is so freaking cute! I wonder what kind it is.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Fucking Monday

This whiney post brought to you by the letters I and K and the number 4.

  • I'm still ridiculously sick. (No fever though!)
  • Due to aforementioned sickness I slept very very very poorly.
  • It is pouring rain outside.
  • Due to aforementioned rain my pants are soaked and sticking to my legs.
  • I have a shitton of work to do this week.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dead Sexy

I made the mistake of looking in the mirror a few minutes ago. My hair is oily and sticking out at odd angles. Bags under my eyes. Rough red nose. Ratty green Jawbone Hill t-shirt on. There's little hotter than me with a cold.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Momentary Update

I'll write up my Vegas trip later once I've pulled my pics off my camera. I haven't felt well enough to do that since I've gotten back on Monday.

So Sunday I started wheezing. WHEEZING. Monday - Wheezing. Tuesday - Wheezing and doubling over coughing. Wednesday - Wheezing, Doubling Over coughing and unable to sleep except sitting upright. Thursday - I go to the doctor. I have a slight (99.9) fever and they do an albuteral treatment on me. I both love and hate those. I love them because the wheezing... gone. I hate them because the wheezing is gone but now my entire body is trembling from the adrenaline. It eventually calms down. Apparently whatever is causing this cough is something the dr. has seen before. It may or may not be H1N1. Probably it isn't. (That's reassuring isn't it?) If it is, though, I'll have severe respritory problems in the next few days and then I have to go back immediately when that happens. I'll keep my eye right on that.

I think it is probably wheezing from the smoke in the Vegas casinos and now a cold. (I hope.) :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Could be a bad luck sign...

So I left work early today and hopped on multiple buses and the light rail to catch a 5:45 flight to Vegas to join my sister. At 5:30 pm I found myself walking back out to the buses to come back into Seattle.

Since I fly stand by non-rev, basically anybody gets on before I do. I was waiting and waiting and waiting and finally it seemed like everyone was on who was supposed to be on. I'm going to barely make it I thought and then he came... Professional looking dude in suit and tie. I think he was supposed to be on the delayed Phoenix flight and managed to get changed over to the Vegas flight. Seriously I'm pretty sure they were about to print my ticket and he took it. I could have cried.

So the question is... do I even bother gambling in Vegas because obviously there's no luck with me these days, OR do I gamble in Vegas because after that bad luck I should be due some good luck? :)

(I don't really believe in any karmic luck. Things happen irrespective of other things. But it is sometimes fun to pretend. Also Good Luck Care Bear is going in my purse. :) )

Monday, October 12, 2009

How are Eminem and I alike?

We cleaned out our closets. :) However, as a result, I am now completely sneezy and wheezy from all the dust I kicked up. The left half of my closet hasn't seen the rustle of hangers in years. Almost everything on that side went out. A couple of coats stayed because, well they only got stuffed on that side because the right side was full and I still do actually wear them. A few old sweatshirts and shirts stayed because I find I can't get rid of anything Disney or former employer swag. I should I know. I was dismayed to find a dress and a pajama top I used to wear completely singed from the heat pipe that is in my closet. In the end I have 2 boxes for charity... one a "Large" moving box and one a "Medium" moving box. I also bagged up one of those black trash bags full of torn jeans, stained shirts and other assorted unwearable crap. Next step... the wire rack I put things like panties and socks on/in. I also boxed up all my volunteer t-shirts so I can have them together to make my volunteer t-shirt quilt.

Can someone explain to me what I was thinking when I bought a pair of black shiny pants? (I'm pretty sure Michelle was with me when I bought them and I'm pretty sure I had a theory about them. I've never worn them). If I had been thinking, I would have photographed some of the various dregs from the back of my closet and regaled you with tales of my fashion insanity. Sadly, I didn't think of it and those boxes are now sealed.

I wonder if those space bags work? That could help with this process.

She IS mean and spiteful!

So over the weekend I bought a new mattress cover. Holy crap, it is making my bed so soft and comfy. And I put on a nice new clean set of sheets. Holy crap is my bed so soft, comfy and cozy. Prior to making my bed, I sprayed the memory foam thingie with air freshener to get rid of any pet smell (theoretically). This morning when I went to hop in the shower, Rig was out but earlier she hadn't been able to climb onto the bed. I carefully put the puppy pad down on 'her' poop spot despite the fact that she hadn't been able to climb on the bed. I wasn't taking any chances.

Bitch peed in a totally new spot. I don't know how she managed to get onto the bed. It is on.

Who moved my what?

My boss is making me read Who Moved My Cheese? I read it whilst walking to work this morning. It is a parable about change in the work place and how to meet it. The funny part... I'm totally changing in the workplace... I'm changing MY workplace. And yes I was scared at first (and still am sometimes) but seriously I'm scurrying about looking for a new place to get my cheese. So take that bossman.

Also I just read Broken For You. Excellent. I had been eyeing it at the used bookstore for sometime, but for some reason couldn't bring myself to actually buy it. Over the summer when I went to the big ass used book sale, I picked it up. I thought it was really well written. Since I appreciate the concept of building your own family I liked that theme of the story. I also really liked how the MCs were pushing outside their comfort zone to make a life they wanted. All in all a really positive book.

I downloaded Patrick Swayze's book Time of My Life for the Kindle. This was another book I really enjoyed. I really love reading about the back story on movies and how they come to be the way they are. Patrick's love story for his wife was also really touching.

On Saturday I went and saw Couples Retreat. Critics seem to hate it, but I found it hysterical. I can see some of their point... is this a raunchy comedy or a touching one, but why can't it be both? I only had trouble with one thing and that was with the Vince Vaughn's character's job. I know what a dumb thing, right? But in the beginning he seems to indicate he does something with video games and based on working 10 - 12 hour days I automatically presumed that meant development. Later in the movie he says something that implies something entirely different. I may have to rewatch to figure it out. :) Also, this was not one of those movies where they show all the funny parts in the previews. There was plenty of funny all through the movie.

Friday, October 09, 2009


I've been a bit worried about Rigby lately. She's old. If she was the same age as Tess as the shelter thought, she's now 8. Eight is old for a ferret. Very old. She's begun doing that thing Tess did just before she died... pooping on my bed. This is obviously not my favorite thing ever and this time, unlike with Tess where clearly I was an idiot, I have it figured out... I put down a puppy pad on the bed where Rigby always goes and so then I don't have to change the sheets every fucking day. This worked for a few days. Until today. The bitch pushed the pad off the bed and then went on the bed. I'm starting to think that Rig is not in a death spiral as Tess was, but is actually spiteful and mean.

I could cage her. I probably should cage her, but she's been allowed to roam free in the apartment for so long I feel badly putting her into the cage while I'm at work all day.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Harvey Weinstein makes my boycott hard

Well it isn't a boycott if it is easy, right? Since Harvey seems to slap his name on anything that comes out of his production studio, technically he probably hasn't touched any of these films, however I'm about not lining his pockets, so boycott on. Thanks to IMDB I know now that I will not be seeing Fraggle Rock, the Movie, Untitled Kevin Smith project, Capitalism, A love Story (I was on the fence about that one anyway since I find Michael what'shisname to be a blowhard), The Reader (which I did want to see since I read the book).

Thanks to Buck Henry, a writer, I will not be seeing Get Smart or Get Smart 2. Probably no loss there, but I did kind of want to see Get Smart.

And thanks to Kristie Alley, I will be seeing Nailed, no matter how terrible it is because she is one of the few who has vocally come out condemning Polanski and his supporters.


I've been thinking about this since I heard about the petition signed by many of Hollywood's elite to free Roman Polanski. I'm going to boycott those who signed it. Mostly this will be a fairly easy boycott for me. Jonathan Demme has never made a chick flick. Martin Scorsese isn't known for his rom-coms. And I always have hated Woody Allen films. However since Alfonson Cuaron has signed it I will be getting rid of my Harry Potter 3 DVD. Also, I may have wanted to watch G-Force, but Penelope Cruz also signed so that's a no go. I think IMDB and I are about to become BFFs.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Giving away old friends

Michelle introduced me to Obviously I love books. I read all the time. I read probably 2 books a week. I was about to post about how sad it is to me to get rid of books I have loved when I just realized I'm not getting rid of books I have loved. So far I've posted 11 books. Either I didn't like the book to begin with or it was rather unmemorable. Curtis Sittenfeld's Guy Not Taken... I was 2/3rds of the way through it when I realized I had already read it. Jodi Picoult... I went through a phase where I loved her stuff. Now I find I read the first few chapters and then the last few chapters and get everything I need from the story. I was thinking of packing up the books I want to move with tonight, but I just realized I only have middle sized boxes and filling that full of books would be so heavy I wouldn't be able to move the box.

On Monday night I like How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory on CBS. Unfortunately one is on at 8 and the other at 9:30. In between those two, craptastic shows I don't like. I wish there was something good in the middle. Tonight I'm watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall for about the millionth time. Movie cracks my shit up. It is currently my go to movie for boredom (as opposed to my go to movie for sadness, Mama Mia)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

A conundrum

I've been an atheist for a very long time, well over 1/2 my life. Growing up as a family we usually supported The Salvation Army. We donated our goods to them. We would shop in their store. We dumped change in the buckets at Christmas. It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized that they are a religious organization. And, based on their position statements on their website they are a religious organization that doesn't support the things I do. If I were voting, I wouldn't vote for them.

There are a couple of places local that I could donate to. I'm not really that fond of either of their stores. I find them kind of icky. They do good work, though, so I'm just being shallow.

So do I donate to the charity my family has always supported but whose values aren't mine or do I break out and start giving to some place new? (Of course, who am I kidding... I'll end up donating to the place that is open on the weekend since I'm not taking a day off to donate crap.)