Saturday, January 31, 2004

Pizza and cute hair

UGH! I am SOOO full... you know that point where you are eating and you think I should SOOO stop right now and you don't? I hit that spot today while eating pizza. It has been a couple months since I made it and it just tasted so good! Except it was the pizza sauce that always upsets my stomach (as opposed to the other pizza sauce which usually upsets my stomach. :) ). I know I know... why do I eat it if it upsets my stomach? Because it is yummy, and what's a little pepto bismol in the evening. :)

Holy cow! I just looked over at the fish water and boy does the fish need more water. Poor thing. But he's lucky I even remember to feed him lately. Fish abuse... someone from the FPS (fishie protective services) could come pounding on my door any day now.

Y'all wil have to bear with me about my current hair obsession. It is just so fun! I LOVE IT! I can pull a little of the front off my face and hold it back with a barrette and it looks cute... or I can wear it back in a headband and it looks very 50's mom... or I just shake my head and it just feels so happy and cheery. The shortest hairs on the back of my head does this weird curl thing, but whatever it is still cute. Cute... Cute. :)

Wet Wet Wet!

Ugh, all morning long it wasn't too yucky out (as near as I could tell looking out the window) and when do I finally decide to get off my ass and go to Fred Meyer? 3:00... when it is raining out. As I started out it wasn't soo bad but as I trekked... harder and harder. Finally I get to Fred Meyer and fill my basket with GF stuff (since they are the only place that really carries anything) and I'm looking in my wallet and no debit card. WTF? Where the fuck is it? Stand. Think. Oh yeah, in my jeans pocket from last night. :( Luckily I had a credit card with me to use which I shouldn't have used, but there was no way I was putting all that crap back and going home to get my debit card then walking all the way back to Fred Meyer. On the way home I stopped at QFC too. By the time I got home, I was dripping wet. My jeans and socks were soaked. There is nothing so blissful as warm dry sweats after your legs are totally cold. My hat kept my hair dry except the very tips. Now that it is all short, though, it takes like no time to dry! :)
Actually I slept late! :) It was wonderful! This new short do is so great. My shower only took like 10 minutes instead of the usual over 20. Although, it will be hard to remember how much shampoo and conditioner I need now instead of the usual amount. :)
Why aren't you online yet? Aren't you usually up by now on a Saturday because you can't sleep? I think I am going to make soap after the housekeepers leave. Then Heather and Spencer are coming over for a visit.

I don't need a man because i've got great hair hair!

Holy cow. My hair is so cute! I got so many compliments from the gay boys... and the straight bartender. It was so fun! It is very cute and I really like it. Hair cut today... color some time soon... tattoo in like 44 days... i'm getting all wild and shit. :) Revitalize Joanne time. :) OOh and I did turn a couple boys heads while we were walking to and from the bars...

Friday, January 30, 2004

Darn... my delay in asking about color meant he won't have time tonight to do color so only cutting... :(

for the love of pete

Just tell the guy exactly what I wrote for you and it will turn out well. It may take a day or two to get used, but it won't look ugly. Btw, in case you forgot, hair grows back and you own like a million bucket hats. :)

Panic Attack... Panic Attack... Panic Attack...

Health health health darling...

Ok so I am starting to have minor trepidation about today's drastic hair change. I'm going through with it, don't get all thinking I'm going to wimp out but this IS a big change for me. I have had some variation of long stick straight hair since jr high. JR HIGH... (which I know is the total sign that I need a change I get it...) Right now all those what if's are running through my head... what if it is bad... what if it is ugly... what if I really do cry? Damn I'm neurotic. :)

Thursday, January 29, 2004

OK... I have it on good authority that for an appropriate blow job, you need to swallow and I strongly suspect this isn't on the juice fast diet.

A few things to address:

1- Yay! Wings, pizza, Fruitopia and Letterman. A very fond memory from college.
2- Yes, my life does seem quite suburban. We are trying to work on that. We will likely be moving to the city if I am accepted to USC for an MFA in Screenwriting, but that is about a year away. Also, I did get Bryan porn for Vday before, so we actually have quite enough of it. I think he would be happy with a blow job or two. (Sorry, Joanne).
3- Joanne, you definitely need to call the hair salon to change your appt. to cut AND color. If you don't do it now, I fear you won't do it all, and you NEED to.
4- No one should join any cults before I get to Seattle.
Holy cow! Our little Vladdy is growing up. I never thought I'd see the day where sex with a hot hot hot guy takes a back seat to sex with a guy you actually have something in common with and are building a relationship with. Of course, I'm jealous as hell... I like it better when you are having random sex. :)

Did you ever have one of those dreams where everything is so awesome in the dream and you don't want to wake up and when you do you are sad because you want that dream life to be real life? I had one of those this morning. Now I'm like... NO... I want THAT life... it was better! :D
Distance does preclude all other qualities. The model in Colorado would be my first choice, though. He's HOT! But Matthew and I have more in common than I do with those other guys. They just want something physical. I'm soooo beyond that now. Don't get me wrong, Matthew is GREAT in bed AND he lives in the same city as me. So, Matthew it is!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Just for you I'm going to cry and cry and cry for days and YOU... yes YOU are going to have to cope with it. :) This wil require you... yes YOU buying me lots of pretty things to make me happy. No blonde! NEVER blonde... red...

If you have these other two hot boys pounding down your door, what the heck are you doing with Matthew? He's sweet and all but... c'mon a hot IRISH guy? I'm such an accent whore.
I'm glad we all have our health. I'm sure one day, our collective stories would make a great book. Although Michelle's life does sound rather...well...suburban and white picket fence. Come on! A bbq for Valentine's day? Get some edible panties and handcuffs...body wax! I big dildo and some porn...a balloon a motel room and pretend you're a prostitute and he's your john. Oh boy, now I'm getting excited.

I called Matthew and asked him if he wanted to plan Valentine's day together or if he wanted me to plan it. There was a lot of ho-humming and it was decided that I should plan it. I'm not sure if I like this holiday, too.

So I discovered that my nasty protein shake stuff from the gym tastes great when it's really cold. So I drop ice cubes in the blender with it. Today, I dropped a frozen strawberry in there and DAMN! This is the bomb!!!!

So Mederic has taken a turn for the worst. He's back in the psychiatric ward at Surrey General Hospital on suicide watch. I'm going to plan a trip up there so if anyone wants to visit Vancouver, let me know! I'm taking Matthew with me, but NOT to the hospital. I won't tell Mederic about him just yet. The old addage is correct. Once you're taken, all the boys want you. I've got two guys trying to beat down my door to date me. And they are fucking hot. One is an ex model, but he lives in Colorado. The other is an Irish flight attendant who could fly into Seattle whenever.

I did my taxes last night. I'm so happy I'm getting money back. I also reconciled the past 4 years of taxes for my business. It was easy doing that crap online! Yeah for the Internet.

So I'm watching Tyra Banks' show America's Top Model. They all got hair makeovers...DRASTIC hair makeovers. One girl got her LONG hair chopped off and it looks punkish. She cried for like the entire fucking episode. If I had been next to her, I would've slapped her. I don't want to see Joanne until days after this haircut and the crying has stopped. Although, she says she's not going to cry. I don't believe her. I'll state that outright. hmmm, blonde would be a good look. Or red...
I'm now expecting some kind of yelling post about how's she not going to cry and she's told me this a million times and why don't I have faith blah blah. lol

Michelle, when you come, one night we'll do pizza, chicken wings, fruitopia and Letterman!

Volunteering and other stuff...

The Jaycees are now becoming a hmmm... do I go so far as to say botheration? I have received 5 emails from them today alone. I also received a phone call yesterday asking if I was still going to join. "Um well, no I haven't decided" I lied. I think they may actually be a cult. :) Good thing I dodged that bullet.

All of my self improvement plans have kind of stumbled... except the haircut part. I think it comes down to laziness. I am lazy. :)

I am volunteering for the fireman stairclimb (yum firemen...). It must suck to be a volunteer coordinator. We have had this series of emails about my volunteering on that Saturday (which I just realized is the Saturday before my birthday when I am going to have to clean like a maniac because I will have a houseguest). It started out as which shift I would prefer. My answer was something to the effect that I have no real preference, just what they need more help with. Then she emails back with she needs more people in the AM shift, is 8:30 too early? I reply... just fine and whatever you need me to do just let me know. Now we have to figure out what job I'm going to do... She asks if the registration table is going to be okay (in my mind I'm thinking HELL YEA! hot FIRE boys checking in with me...) but I play it cool and say whatever you need the most help with. I wonder if this bugs her?

Random side note... Owen Wilson's nose is just. not. cute...

Stupid Gluten Intolerance

Okay so I know that I'm griping about the wrong thing here and there are plenty of people who would love to work with such considerate people, but I hate drawing attention to myself. For some reason munchies are a big deal at all these little events we have within HR... birthdays, anniversaries (how long you've been with SU not wedding) and the like. So whenever one of these things comes up, we do a little card and a little treat, here's where stupid gluten intolerance comes in. Typically they just buy little samplings from Starbucks. I'm fine with that honestly. I don't feel this random need for pastry in the middle of the day and at this point, there is very little that I look at and go OMG I must have that! So in order to accommodate my needs, they will buy some other off the wall thing and here is where I take issue. I don't like to have a big deal made about me. I would so much prefer if they would just forget and let me pass on snacks. I get it though, they would feel bad eating in front of me, but at the same time I always feel so weird when they find something acceptable for me... (let me stress this is usually something random... like today my boss had the idea of an ice cream bar) Ugh. I'm probably arguing the wrong issue and I realize I should be thrilled that they go out of their way to accommodate my needs.. but you know how I am. (neurotic) :| I must say that it is infintely better than when I am with people who offer me something I can't eat and when I decline suddenly say "Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I forgot" and apologize and go on and on and on. I have no problems declining what I can't eat. I don't expect random people (and in some respects I consider coworkers random people although this is a fairly small team) to remember my dietary needs.

On a related note, I hate it when I'm stressed out (as I have been lately although much better thanks) and my arms break out in big blisters. Like the pills are doing nothing.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


You know right when I am feeling down or yucky (which I have for like the last week and a half or so) something will happen that makes me realize that really, honestly, my life ain't so crappy. Here's today's... I just spoke to a lovely employee of the U who is in some bad stage of breast cancer. She has had both lobbed off and has no hair anymore. But today is one of her cheerful and spry days so she is feeling good. Obviously, my life ain't so bad. I still have most of my health (ok all of my health in that as far as I know I'm not dying of anything but age right now). I still have my hair (until Friday). I still have both boobs (and you know that encourages boys even if I don't have a boy on the horizon right now). As broke as I am, I don't have medical bills commensurate with what a person with cancer would have and I don't have to worry about running out of sick leave or vacation days and have to take time off without pay. I exercise almost every day. I have the time and energy to volunteer. Life isn't THAT bad right now. Obviously it could be a whole hell of a lot worse. (I did joke once with Missy while doing the cancer walk with her one night that with my luck I would get breast cancer and lose the only 2 things I really appreciate about my body... my boobs and my hair)


Ok so it is on for Friday at 5:30. I am a little anxious. Mostly I just want him to make it look nice and require minimal effort on my part. :) I know I know... I must suffer for my beauty (according to Michelle), but seriously... we all know I won't do that much with it. Ooh afterward, we can go drink heavily right sweetie? ;) No dye though. I will save that for some future hair fiasco.

Cookies n More!

Well, I've just totalled up my cookie order and I sold 77 boxes! I think that's better than I did when I was a kid. :D However, it gets depressing when I realize that that 77 boxes only equals $34.00 for our troop. How slightly sad. It also means that I get a kicky "Go Girlfriends!" visor... unless any of my kids are short on boxes then I'll totally let them get the prizes because really, what do I need with a "Go Girlfriends!" visor?

In other news: my boss is out today. I am bored. I ACTUALLY have work to do just no desire to do it. When did I lose my work ethic? I think I have no desire to do it because if I actually do work, then there won't be any for me to do tomorrow. :D

Monday, January 26, 2004

No need for the cooking of the fish. I don't even cook fish in my own house all that often and I like fish. I just want to go there. I may need to eat something while there if simply to enjoy the pure pleasure of eating again. Sigh and alas, no gum on the juice fast. It gets your saliva moving and activates the digestion proces... blah, blah, blah. I just cling to the fact that I am losing a lot of weight. I better fit into some hot looking jeans by the time I come up there!
Stupid fucking yahoo. Apparently when I save something as a draft, it keeps it forever until I delete it. I stupidly assumed that when I sent the message, it would get out of my draft box. Nope. And so when I went in to finish my message to Michelle, there was the one I started to Ray Dammit... I didn't want to see that. Sad all over again.


How ridiculously ironic is it that I just received a spam email from MSN in my Hotmail account about how signing up with MSN will reduce my spam.

Pike's Place market? Do you want to eat fish? Am I going to have to attempt to cook fish here? She'll be beside herself with joy over me actually going to the market. I'm sure she won't know how to cope. I too am boring because I have no idea how to entertain you when you're here.

Can you eat gum on your fast? For some random reason I just saw an ad and they were chewing gum. I don't even like gum so much but that looked weirdly good to me... apparently the advertisers are doing their job since I want to run right out and buy new Extra wildberry Right. Now... :)


I do want to go to Pike's Place Fish Market when I am up there. So, you can please your mother by telling her that you went when you talk to her after I go home. Other than that, I don't really care what else we do, well, besides going to that fondue restaurant. I think it is because I am boring now.

V Day... not V's Day

This will be the first Valentine's Day with Bryan that does not include going out to dinner. It will, in fact, not include any food at all because of the juice fast. I don't even know what to get him. Chocolates are out. Flowers are out (he totally wouldn't go for that). Cookie bouquet is out. I am thinking of getting him a BBQ. We don't have one and along with cheese, I think about BBQ chicken quite a lot these days.
How many more freaking days until Valentine's day is over??!! I HATE IT!!! Just as a warning - I will get crankier and crankier until it is over! I can't decide if it is a good thing it is on a Saturday or not... At least if it is a Saturday I don't have to sit around all the people at work who get crap... but that means I can spend all day Saturday obsessing over my lack of love life.
mmmm... cheese... i love cheese.


Feel free to gripe about food all you want. I can live vicariously through those who are still eating food. 38 more days. Also, I am going to make it my mission when I am done with this to eat mozzarella cheese sticks dipped in nacho cheese. Probably followed with a cheese chaser.

Good luck with the haircut!

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Chicken in Garlic Sauce

Hmmm... In my neverending quest to have good Chicken in Garlic Sauce, I have found a recipe that I think might be good. I keep experimenting with it. The first time I tried it, it didn't make enough sauce and that didn't please me too much. Now I've doubled the sauce to try to make more and added more red pepper paste but it seemed too salty. I don't like a lot of salt to begin with, but this was too much I think. Hmm... I really want to get it right because I LOVE chicken in Garlic sauce. (and I know I shouldn't be griping about food with one of my readers not eating food anymore... but... :) )

I am also SOOO glad this weekend is over. Next weekend is the big haircut. And apparently it is the superbowl... who knew?

Damn, Mom's on the phone again!

I have a terrible time when my mother calls. I go through two different thought processes. On the one hand, I don't want to pick it up because really we have NOTHING to talk about. On the other, I know if I don't she'll keep calling until I do pick it up and I'll get these pathetic messages "hi joanne its your mom blah blah blah" I also hate those. Really, I have nothing to say to her. My life isn't that exciting. I never go to the Pike's Place Market (despite her asking EVERY TIME she calls) and she doesn't listen to me when I talk anyway. On the rare occassions I do share, she isn't listening and has made that abundently clear. My little sister can talk to her. Mostly I prefer to let Amanda be the one she talks to and avoid that whole bullet... I know what she was looking for. She wanted more info on the great yeti disaster since she had no idea about it. I think I don't tell her stuff about boys for 2 reasons. 1. The less she knows about my sex life the happier we both are. I'll let her believe whatever she needs to believe... 2. Somehow when things don't work out with people, it is my fault. When she asked about the yeti I gave her an even shorter version than my dad and she was like "well did you tell him you weren't looking for anything permanent" 'no mom, it was actually all him, but thanks for playing' Ok I probably take stuff from her a little too personally, but that's our relationship... she says bitchy things and I react.
So apparently, I made a drunken phone call yet AGAIN to Matthew last night. I called him this afternoon (about 5 mins ago) to just say hi. He said that the message I left last night was really sweet. I have NO...absolutely NO..let me repeat NO!! recollection of calling him. However, this morning when I woke up, I did notice my phone was not in it's craddle as usual. I think I need to start locking my phone with some sort of complicated device that a drunk person can't unlock before I go out.
Dammit! I can't find my big giant clip AGAIN! It is like I need 20 of them or something.


That's how I feel today... just kinda meh. I'm not actually in a good mood. I feel slightly sad and I'm not sure why. Probably related to the amount of alcohol I had last night. However, thanks to either Eric (bartender) or Vladdy's hangover solutions, I don't really feel terrible today. No headache so bad I want to die or anything like that. I thought when I went to sleep last night that I was mostly sober, but I woke up at 2 with the room spinning and realized, nope... not sober. :) Reminds me of when I was in college and it was Michelley's 21st birthday. We all went out and drank heavily. I woke up in the middle of the night just shivering and shuddering and positive I was having seizures due to alcohol poisoning (so clearly I was still drunk). I was lying in bed having panic attacks about who could I call that would help me. My 1st thought... Vlad... except he was in France. My 2nd thought... Michelle but I was positive she was sleeping with my 3rd thought... Turns out she wasn't and she had a Christian soldier ensuring her virtue, By then I had mostly lost interest and fallen back asleep after pulling another blanket over me. Frightening how at no time did calling my own RA enter into my head. (Oh yeah that year it was Lisa... another Christian soldier and I couldn't have dealt with that.)

In other thoughts... here are the 10 things I like and dislike at this moment...(subject to change with or without notice tax, title and license extra, all rights reserved blah blah blah)
Dislike: 1) That damn "It's your birthday" by whomever. I hate it and it is running through my head. 2) The fact that some of my keyboard keys don't work anymore. 3) Feeling sad. 4) Being broke and still having a week to go. 5) That there's nothing on TV on Sunday Morning! Six) How the VH1 countdown shows some videos but not others... I like Evanesence but I don't like Beyonce... 7) The smell of my hair right after the water starts hitting it after I've been out in a smoke filled bar the night before. It is like every pore of my hair was holding stinky grossness and just waiting until it got wet to release it. 8) My bathroom... I hate that every wall is tiled and I hate the tile they used. 9) My water pressure... it sucks and 10) That I'm hungry right now and I can't think of any food to make for breakfast.

Like: 1)That hot shower when you feel kinda crappy and there's just something invigorating about it. 2) Lotion... it just feels nice after that shower and your body is sucking up all the moisture it can get. 3) Soda Pop 4) Apparently drinks made with red bull since I don't have a hangover. 5) Heath Ledger (I don't know why he is on here right now I'm not even seeing a commercial with him in it but he just totally popped into my head) Six) My new books from the library and the fact that I can spend all day reading them if I want to. 7) Mini Love Voodoo doll, I wonder if it will work 8) The fact that I get paid FRIDAY! Finally!! 9) Clean clothes fresh from the dryer and 10) the peanut buttery goodness of a reeses cup.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Nappus Interruptus

So I was just napping, which is always a good thing and the firebell went off. Dammit. That meant I had to get up (which in retrospect is a GOOD thing since I had been sleeping since 3 and didn't truly mean to sleep this much) and find the ferts and all their crap. Ok just their leashes and find my own slippy shoes. This would've been made much easier if I hadn't had brain fuzziness because I was sleeping. Now I'm cooking taquitos in advance of going drinking with the boy and watching the Osbornes. My love for the osborns is wrong.


But it's a good exhaustion. I was so tired last night and ended up going to bed at 9:00. Woke up this morning at 7:00. There is nothing on TV on a Saturday at 7:00! By quarter to ten, I was out and about. I took the babies for a walk. They DID NOT want to walk so we came home. Went downtown. Deposited a check because apparently a bunch of shit came in on Friday and threw my account into the red. :( I had a tiny bit of money in my Alaskan checking account still so I used that. Went to the mall to catch the monorail to Seattle Center. It was Brentano's books last day in business so I went in. Bought a couple of little things (thank Heaven's for Mastercard). Headed to Seattle Center and walked over to the Girl Scout office. Bought badges badges and more badges. Just got home like 15 minutes ago and I am so tired now! Yum but this roast beef and cheddar cheese I am eating is so hitting the spot! After lunch maybe a nap? I love days like this. :D

Friday, January 23, 2004

Familial communication test part II

Well, surprisingly enough, he told her. I will give her this, though, she did manage to hold off an hour before she asked. Hmmm... I'm surprised. She asked about the hair cut first. I think I'll just let them find out about the tattoo the next time I see them. And even then, if it is where I think I want it to be, they won't be able to see it randomly.

Holy cow, I'm watching the Usual Suspects right now. Kaiser Soze... This cell phone this police guy is on like the giantest cell phone ever. Although, not as big as the giantass ones from the early 80's.

Familial communication test

So in a fit (have you ever noticed how often I begin a post with "so"? weird) of honesty with my dad, I told him the very very brief version of yeti drama. He asked this morning how work and stuff was and I thought you know what... I'm going to see what happens here. As a result, I told him all the crappy things that are going on this week... ingrown and infected toenail, yeti drama, hmmm... a couple of other random things I'm sure. Here is where it becomes a familial communication test. Will he tell my mother? If he does, she will be unable to refrain from mentioning it. If he doesn't, isn't that kind of odd. Only the 2nd time ever your daughter mentions dating a guy and you don't pass it on to the spouse? Familial communication test is on and I'm amused.

Death of an Icon

So, a moment of silence since Captain Kangaroo, Bob Keeshan, has died today. He was 76. All of our childhood icons are dying. Is this the first true sign we are getting old? When everyone we loved as children die? (Don't give me crap vladdy, I LOVED Captain Kangaroo when I was little... I know you grew up in the hood of Maryland, but he was an icon) Last year it was Fred Rogers, before that Jim Henson (creator of the Muppets and the Sesame Street gang), Bozo the Clown in 1997 (he was on Chicago's WGN and we had cable. I wanted more than anything to go on that show and win the "Grand. Prize. Game" where you would throw ping pong balls into buckets at increasing distances and win buttloads of crap!) and on and on. Do our parents feel this way? Anne Miller just died at 81. My parents (are older I admit) probably watched her when they were younger. bleh... I don't want to get old.
So I think this tattoo design is the winner. I liked it along with another one, but I did like this one better. Probably it will have to not be this exact thing because I think designs are owned by the artists blah blah blah... But this way I can go in and say I want something like this... and let the designer come up with something.
Ok for some reason I can't make the link work even though I made another link work once before. weird... but here it is:
Vladdy should know what the song is. It is one of his favorite women singers. :)

I have to give my sis props here... she cracks my shit up. I emailed her the whole yeti story (which apparently since she reads this she knew anyway) but here's her response... "I like the first one better. [Here she is referring to my tattoo designs that I'm considering] I have been reading your blog. It's interesting. Also, where in the world did you find a guy that is looking for a wife? That was the most bizarre thing. Anyway, who wants a guy that can't put out? Not me!" You gotta love a kid who cuts to the chase and gets to the heart of the matter. No sex no way! :D
So to answer the kid's questions...
1 - Where did I find a guy looking for a wife? Volunteering. Apparently one should steer clear of volunteering... Plus I didn't realize he was looking for a wife so to speak. I figured you know we'd go out have fun blah blah blah and see where it left us.
2 - Who wants a guy who can't put out? Good question... I'm still seeking that person. If there had been some religous or moral reason that I could figure out, I might have been able to understand... and work on changing his mind... ;) But I don't think there was one. I'm fairly certain he didn't "pledge his purity to god" (thank you Jessica Simpson). Anyway... I sure as shit don't! :D
No points for me. I have no idea about the song.

Also, I never read that book myself. I bought a bunch of books from that imprint when I though I might submit my novel to them, but there were a couple that I never got around to reading.
It is finally Friday and let me just say, Friday couldn't have come soon enough! With Vladdy at his boytoy's house (speaking of boy toy, did any of y'all catch Will & Grace last night? that was some funny shit) all weekend, I will have to entertain myself Sat night. I think I shall venture to RPlace and play darts. It will be necessary to not sit at home this weekend. I have to go to the Girl Scout office on Sat, and probably to the library to return my books and maybe find some new ones. I've got nothing to read. (I tried reading one of the ones you gave me Michelley, the one about the Australia thing but it SOOO isn't holding my attention). I think I also have to do some hypothetical cleaning. That's where I stand around and think hmm... I should clean. :D Buy a birthday present for my dad. Hmmm.. What else... no I don't expect vacation pay and yes I'm available every day and tho I don't like the evil way you're looking at me I've got rent to pay and I can start on Saturday. (10 points if you can tell me what song that line is from ;) )

Thursday, January 22, 2004

1- Yes to dyed and cut hair.
2- Yes to online personals that aren't eharmony. (Yahoo!)
3- Yes to free kind of singles group, no to expensive kind.
4- I don't know what could be causing the self-improvement kick. Maybe it was reading about your wellness challenge thing where you actually gets points and prizes for improving yourself.
Why am I also writing like some badass scholar?
Today's question du jour... Singles Groups... final act of desperation for the almost over 30 set or brilliant way to meet new people and potentially mr right? Talk amongst yourselves. :)

I can't figure out if all this crazy self improvement is stemming from a weird reaction to sudden yetilessness or perhaps more that I was starting to enjoy the idea of a companion (not necessarily the yeti i'm realizing perhaps i liked the idea of him too much) OR is it a weird reaction to being ALMOST 30! Perhaps it is a combination of both... I am (dun dun dun) alone AND ALMOST 30! Which brings me back to the question above. I would like to meet new people. Thinking about this all day long, I don't necessarily feel that the Jaycees are for me. I can't put my finger on why. Of course I could go to one of these groups and wander away with the same feeling. Are these groups any more or less acts of desperation than say personals ads? Although in this day and age, personals are a perfectly reasonable way to meet people and I am by no stretch of the imagination judging them, but more thinking if this may be a better venue for my energies. Is it any more or less desperate than eharmony which I unsuccessfully tried... I don't know. The 2nd half of the conundrum is then, do I join a loosely organized free kind (where I just pay my way for an activity I go on) or the kind like this which will cost me $$ but ultimately will be better organized and as near as I can tell my fee to them covers the events. Most logically would be to join the free kind and then evaluate results and reevaluate to see if the expensive kind is warranted. Why is this this difficult?
Oh one other thought... down 1 lb since yesterday. I am not so foolish to think that I will ever be thin or slender or willowy... I'm just not built that way. To coin a Kate phrase "built like a brick shithouse" that's really a yucky phrase now that I see it written... I'm okay with that. I've made as much peace with my size as I can, but I would like to be able to walk up the hill at work without thinking I'm going to die 1/2 way up. To that end, since before Christmas I've been doing 30 min on the elliptical trainer. Ok I started out at 20 min and thought I was going to die. I can tell things are getting better though because now I can do 30 min and mostly not feel like I'm going to die (for the record, Linkin Park is the most AWESOME elliptical trainer music ever... very grinding and pumping and your feet just naturally want to keep up with the beat). Onward and upward... eventually 45 min etc. It burns a buttload of calories and I really appreciate that instant gratification... All the elliptical thingies were full this morning so I just walked hills on the treadmill. So disappointing. :( At the rate I was going (I DON'T JOG) it would take me over an hour to burn the same amount of calories as 30 min on the elliptical. Now back to the pound thing... probably it was water weight or something. And I was using one of those dr office scales at the gym so i have to manipulate the little bars but still... it is 9 lbs lighter than the last time I went to the dr which was last year some time so... Plus I didn't drink as much water today since I wasn't dying like I do on the elliptical trainer. We'll see how things go... I'm cautiously optimistic.
I think you'd look great with dyed and cut hair. I just hope you don't turn into one of those sobbing girls you see on make-over shows who cry when they get their hair cut. I mean come on! It'll grow back.

Anyway, my current guy is 24yo, but he's very mature. He thought my drunken ramblings last night when I called him at 2am were cute and funny. I'm going to see Margaret Cho with him tomorrow and then spend the rest of the weekend at his place. He's a vegetarian and only eats chicken fish on the very odd occaision. He can't cook worth a damn, but swears he's gonna feed me. We'll see how this goes.

I'm having clam chowder for lunch now...damn this is good.
"Blanche, where exactly are your loins and why are they always on fire?"
---Rose Nylund, The Golden Girls
I found it!! It was called the Vandals of Treason House. Awesome book. I may buy it for 99 cents on
OMG!! I am going nuts! I was talking to one of my coworkers about this book I read when I was younger about these kids who vandalized a house and get caught. Their punishement is to clean up the house and along the way they discover all this interesting history about the house and its importance during the Revolutionary War. The house is about to be torn down and they fight to get it declared a landmark. It was an awesome book but for the life of me I can't remember the title or author... I HATE THAT!
Oh heeeyyy! I am a true Seattalite now... I have a bus pass! :)
So as part of this whole apparent improvement of Joanne plan (and what's the opposite of man? Jam!) I think I am going to cut about a foot off my hair and dye it. And now that I've just measured, i do have a foot to take off. That would put my hair at dusting my shoulders length roughly. I don't think I want to go shorter because frankly I don't think I can pull off really short hair. PLUS I think really short hair is more work than really long hair (c'mon y'all know all I do is throw it in the big giant clip.) Then once I get my tattoo, my hair won't be in its way. :) If I dye it, I was thinking like a dark red color, but I would have to consult with a beautician since I would want a color that wouldn't look TOO freaky dyed... (I did black once when I was A LOT younger {*sniff* I'll never be that young again} but of course as pale as I am, it looked weird which was the whole point.) (Ok, has anyone else noticed how bad my grammar has gotten? Half of these sentences are crap!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Commentary on the Jaycees...
1. And this is probably the dumbest one for me but I didn't realize that the Jaycees were the Junior Chamber of Commerce. For some reason this now colors my perception of them. I think it is beacuse of my parents (who are a wee bit crazy and strangely classist given that they are republicans) I don't know that they would approve. Not that I ever have cared about their approval. Joining them would be one of those things 'those' types of people would do, 'those' being the people from the richer side of town.
2. The meeting was fun, though. I think it is a possibility that I join. They have a lot of fun, but do a lot of good work.
3. Here's the question though... it is sixty dollars to join (damn six key is still not working) but in January I could join for only thirty bucks. Hmmm... There seem to be a lot of different opportunities to participate in their activities.
4. On the boy front, there were a couple of cuties but hard to tell... and a few hmmm... less cuties. ;)

All in all, I'm still thinking.
Wait a minute... wait a minute woah... Vladdy darling... how old is your current "child"?? I do believe he is YOUNGER than the Yeti was... now then again the yeti was an idiot, but still... :)
Ok, I'm laughing out loud to Michelle's post. Dating children is horribly wrong.
I told you the guy was an idiot. Let's curse him this weekend! But then again, he's a str8 man. Life has already cursed him.

I just had a peanut butter smoothie from Protein Planet. They're soo delicious, but it sits in your stomach like a log.
I called Matthew, the guy I'm dating. He always seems surprised when I call him. I love hanging out with him because we speak French and he's very cuddley. I just hope this relationship doesn't go Copacabana on me.

Michelle, are you staying with Joanne while you're in town? We're gonna have sooo much fun!!!!!!

Oh, the temp we have in the office for the receptionist...she's fucking annoying. I tell her one thing and then she starts asking other people the exact same question. Then I go, "I just told you that." I can't wait to leave today. I got here at 8:30am only because the episodes of Buffy that I usually stay home for were repeats that I saw late last night. This means, I'm leaving the office early. hehehehe gym, here I come!
Hmmm... so 150 for the hotel, roughly 200 for the airline (I just did a little preliminary searching) 150 for fancy food (if I remember correctly, Delmonico's was actually more like 65 altho I could be wrong) and then regular meals (lunch whatever) and gambling... ;) Hmm... So I'm looking at a MINIMUM of 500 bucks. Although more $$ would be better... :D Ok... I THINK (emphasis on THINK) I could do it. (not sure how much more belt tightening I can do but we'll see...)
Max. hotel price would be $50 per person per night with two people per room. Other than that, airfare and entertainment costs. Since it is Vegas, you know I will be hitting Delmonico's and the seafood buffet at the Rio, which you should recall had plenty of choices for non-seafood eaters, but neither place was cheap ($30-$40?). Oh, and Bryan and I found this awesome Japanese restaurant last time we were there. As for activities and entertainment, who knows?
1 - Ok so at some point I may get weak again, but seriously... it is like a huge weight has been lifted off.
2 - Looks good to me. I have some random quantity of vacation saved up right now so I will have 3 days by the time you come. I'll deal with September when that happens. :)
3 - Once I know costs, I'll be able to tell if I can save up or not... :)
1- I am so glad you realized the yeti is an idiot and it has nothing to do with you. This is why dating children is against the law. Ok, there might be another reason for that, but immaturity and idiocy are fairly good reasons.

2- I am sure that, for your brithday, we can achieve a decent mix of men who grab your tits because they want to know what tits feel like and men who would like to grab your tits because they think that will get you into bed. And no, I don't think we need to let you in on any planning. Right now I am thinking maybe 3/12-3/16. I would take Fri, Mon and Tues off of work. How does that sound?

3- I have nearly decided to have a Vegas 30th bday since it will much cheaper than the island vacation. Would you guys come? Likely dates, 9/19-9/22. Weeknight rates are much, much cheaper. That is plenty of time for saving money.
Oh and one more thing... I am all for a celebration of men who grab my tits! ;)
Against all better sense and judgement I emailed the yeti last night. I don't know what I was looking for... I'll claim closure or answers or maybe just to make him feel bad or me feel better and strangely enough his answers did make me feel 100% better because I realized he is an idiot. The biggest idiot this side of the world. My questions were something to the effect of : When exactly did you decide this? Before or after the last time we went out... If I hadn't forced the issue how long would this have 'dragged on' (Yup I said dragged on!) And I think I said that I was surprised because at that point I hadn't thought about marriage I just liked this guy and would see where fate takes us. His answers.. New Years. He didn't like my use of drag on and implied that he would have ended it soon and then he quoted something I said back to me about the fact that I wasn't just looking to be added to the roster of friends I wanted to think we were going somewhere. That's the line that made me go... WTF? There is the hugest divide between dating someone randomly (and by randomly I mean without any sort of stated commitment...) and marriage... there are like 100 destinations in between. And that's the point I got over him... Because he. just. doesn't. get. it. So to that end, I deleted all of his email. His email address is no longer in my contacts list. His phone number is no longer on my caller ID or in my phone directory and I feel better. (Ok ok I haven't cleared my history so I can still see his blog but give me time that'll go too. ;) )

On to other topics... the Jaycees are apparently a friendly bunch. I received an email last night from the president of the Washington chapter welcoming me to their little group. (God I hope they aren't a cult) and this morning I had one from the Seattle chapter president inviting me to their activities. Seems like it could be a good time. I'll check out the meeting tonight just to see what it is all about etc. Even if I don't meet any Mr. Rights there, they are a service organization (and I hope NOT a cult... you know having fled one in California *homestore*) and they do good work and I support doing good work. So these are people with common interests and could become my lifelong friends. (hee) However... I am wearing red to the meeting. ;)
There are straight bars in Seattle?? I didn't know that! If the two of you are concoting some sort of plan... shouldn't you NOT let me in on it? ;) If Michelley is here for more than 2 days, we can always check out both a gay bar and a straight bar... BUT if we go to a straight bar I would prefer one more like Madison Pub (which I do realize is gay but the style is more like Madison Pub) where there is stuff to do because there is nothing I hate worse than standing around looking and being looked at. I love this poem by Auden from 4 Weddings and a Funeral. This part always makes me cry my eyes out. And I love this guy's accent. God I'm an accent whore... a man with a fabulous accent... he could be mostly ugly and I'd still jump on him... (ok maybe not if he was dick shark ugly and V... you know who I'm talking about! :D ) Wild headache still here. Going to bed now (EARLY for a change).

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Ok, so American Idol was hilarious. I'm still trying to think of bars to take everyone to for Joanne's birthday where she could meet straight men. Although, I think for her birthday, it shouldn't be a man chase, but rather a celebration in men who grab her tits (ie gay men).

I need a drink.
Okay, again this week, I got into the flexcar and it was down to a quarter of a tank. At a quarter of a tank, one has to fill it. Dammit. This is twice in 2 weeks I had to fill the car. The nice thing is that it is $2.00 off each time I fill the car so you know if I keep this up... ;)

My Brownie meeting was so awesome tonight! We did a science project, that I actually hadn't tried before. We took pop bottles and put 1/4 cup of vinegar in the bottom of one then we took a balloon and put 2 tablespoons of baking soda in that. Then the girls stretched the lip of the balloon over the pop bottle and shook the baking soda into the vinegar. Now as adults, we know what will happen... it bubbles up. Well when it bubbles up and gives off gas, the balloons fill with air. This was, apparently, the coolest thing ever to these little girls. They were so excited. It was so damn cute. I loved seeing them so excited about science. We did the whole hypothesis and what we thought was going to happen. We didn't really do a great wrap up though because they were too excited. I am so glad I went tonight.

On a side note, I have a headache yet afuckingain... I am so getting sick of these headaches.
Ugh... i am never drinking again! (hmm I wonder how many posts i've made have this statement). I was feeling pretty okay most of this morning, but headache is starting to kill me again. :(
Feeling remotely more better this morning (what a crappy asstastic sentence). Altho (it is a bad habt I've noticed I've gotten into... spelling although and though as a short cut... I must break this habit) I am feeling the pain of having too much to drink right now! :) Oh poor head... I think I need beef jerkey too. So much for fitness challenge. Halliluah that you will probably not be juice fasting! Then we can drink! :) By then i'll be totally better and not obsessing about becoming a bitter washed up 50 year old with 40 cats whom children run from shouting... "AAAHHHH it is ol' lady Joanne" and they won't be afraid to lose their baseballs in my yard when it goes flying over my fence and I won't chase them with brooms or anything. Which is my current present fear.

Monday, January 19, 2004

I had way too much alcohol tonight and I can't stop crying. it doesn't help that i'm too good for him. it doesn't help that it will get better. nothing helps right now. all i can feel is this big pain of rejection. if i am too good for him, then what does that say about me? that i can't even hold on to a big ass nerd. And in 15 days i will probably barely remember his name, but right now all i can feel is this big hole where he was. and no matter how i try i can't stop crying. i know that a huge portion of this is alcohol.. i acknowledge that fact. but right now all i can feel is pain. and i hate it. and i am alone again. and there is no one to lean on but me. and i am so damn tired. oh so fucking tired.
It WILL be a better year. You just had a little bit of a rough start. I know for a fact that it will get better (and I am not even psychic). I know it because I have been there quite a few times myself. It hurts a lot right now, but not for long. Hell, by the end of this month you will be wondering why you ever shed a tear for him. You might still think you miss him, but really you will just be missing the idea that it might have worked with him. He just wasn't the right one, or even a good one apparently. We'll find one for you.

P.S. I will likely be off juice fast by the time I come out for your bday.
Being in love really sucks
Being in love really sucks
Being in love really sucks
Being in love sucks

Never trust a man
Why I never read those articles in Self magazine
I probably could've avoided this
I'm squishing up my baby bumblebee
Won't Gloria Steinham be so proud of me

I'm thinking of starting a line of evil Voodoo greetings cards

You can still hold your head up high
as you run from the classroom tearing the stinking sweater from your body
You look at that sweater, carefully. And you realize that love made you temporarily blind.
You got a secret now, honey, and although you'd never sink as low as him
you could blab it all over the school if you wanted.
The label in that sweater said one hundred percent Yeti.

Two lovers entwined, passed me by
And Heaven knows I'm miserable now.
In my life, why do I give valuable time
to people who don't care if I live or die.

Perhaps Christina knew best?
Everyday is so wonderful, then suddenly it's hard to breathe.
Now and then I get insecure, from all the pain
I'm so ashamed.
I am beautiful no matter what they say.
Words won't bring me down.
I am beautiful in every single way.
Yes, words won't bring me down.
So don't you bring me down today

And if that doesn't help...Mr. Alcohol will always be your friend. Gin and tonic, sweetie!!!!
As disenclined as I was about this march, I am glad I went to it. It was a nice 4 + hrs where I didn't think anything about the yeti. As I walked home, though... another story... So much for my thought that this year was going to be better than last.
I fell back asleep around 5:30 and am now up for the rest of the morning since we have this march. Of course it is raining outside. Just fucking perfect.
So I have been awake since 4. Sleep is apparently overrated. I'm sure the whopping 1 1/2 hr I've gotten so far is doing wonders for me. To everything else I'm feeling,let's add nausea. I have a wicked headache so I took some Excedrin. Damn empty stomach. I so don't want to do this march today. I so want to spend the day curled up in bed hiding from everything.
I can't fucking sleep. I have to sleep because of tomorrow, but every time I lie down to go to sleep I cry. Fucking yeti.
Adding insult to injury... I don't think I'll feel comfortable volunteering at bookfest this year. (which is where I met the yeti)
Damn... I am not stupid, but how could I've been so wrong? He decided a couple of weeks ago that we weren't heading down the marriage path. That would be right around the time of our last date. The date I thought he was finally going to kiss me on. How the fuck did I get so retarded? Of course I can't stop reading this email and torturing myself with it. I know this thread will get old for y'all but get over it.
Well, my heart is broken. Don't ask the question if you don't want to know the answer. I'll get over it. eventually.
V, we need to make some plans for Joanne's 30th birthday weekend. I'll be emailing you soon.

Sunday, January 18, 2004


I sent it. For those of you who don't know what it is I'm referring to... I sent the email I wrote to the yeti about our whatever it is we're doing. Basically I said that since I've done almost all the asking out and almost all the communication has been initiated by me, I feel like he isn't that interested. I said that if he isn't, he needs to be straight with me and tell me. I started it with the fact that I liked him, but I can't tell what he thinks of me. Now I'm feeling a wee bit broken hearted because I'm pretty sure that this is going to stop any future going out. Why is this so hard? Is it too much to ask for a nice, normal guy? (are they unicorns?)
Alas and Alak. I think the shirt I spilled the psycho curry on really is ruined. I have it in the machine right now with the dye remover trying to get the color out of the white stripes, but I don't suspect it is going to work. :( Such sadness I feel over that. I liked that damn shirt, AND dammit clothes are expensive. Luckily, Lane has put out another one of those spend 150 bucks and get 50 bucks off coupons, so potentially I could finish up my clothes shopping. I still need work clothes for spring, though, so I am going to wait a few more months.
I hate it when I wake up at weird random times. Wahoo... 4 fuckin 30. AND as I was laying in bed trying to force myself to sleep one of the neighbor girls (in the building next door) started talking or something and making a bunch of noise and I may have to kill her. I think she is the girl of one of the boys who live in the apartments next door and I think she was standing on the balcony smoking. Damn smokers. So that expensive teriyaki is not making my stomach happy right now.
So how could I forget one of the wierdest parts??!! V in his never ending quest to get me laid actually tried to get me a boy sight unseen. His friend Page (who names their son Page??!!) was there with this married couple of friends of his. They apparently live with another guy, Alex, who apparently hasn't had sex in like 4 years. So v keeps talking to them about this guy alex and gives them my email, and that's weird but whatever... then they start talking about this free sex group they are in. Suddenly things are even weirder (as if that's possible). Apparently it is like swinging for the 00's. He has learned so much by watching her with other women blah blah blah... it was all together alarming. Oh so very alarming. I think there may be nightmares tonight...
Wahoo drunken drunkenness... so vladdy and his new boy matthew (who is totally cute and I can support this union) and I went drinking just now. Ok like 5 hrs ago we we started. I am so glad I went out. I got to see almost all my boys tonight and that made me happy even though I've been crabby lately. (well and they are all gay and not really useful to me) So after having a lot of alcohol, the boys and I wandered down to Pine Place or Park Place or Pike Place I can't figure out the name right now but it is basically a mall. V had this idea about going to this sushi place in the mall. Not being sober enough to think, they are a buffet place. (ok apparently not being sober enough to finish a sentence either...) Anyway we went in not really thinking about how much it would cost. Holy shit, we get the bill... 82 dollars... 82 fucking dollars! Just so you know, that translates to 27 dollars each. Since I don't eat sushi, I am fairly certain that I did not consume 27 dollars worth of teriyaki chicken (which wasn't that great to begin with). Of course we're drunk, so what do we care? Now when and if I ever sober up, I will care a lot I'm sure. Holy cow, I'm tired right now. We scared a lot of sober straight people as we walked down the hill. I can't believe how drunk I am right now. It has been a while since I have had any alcohol, and apparently I made up for lost time tonight. ;) Poor little Matthew, probably we've skeerrreedd (scared) him. :) The feeling in my mouth is kinda gross. I need to drink my cup of water and take my asprins so I won't be hung over tomorrow, not that I actually have anything to do or anything... which brings me to...

Michelle read the email that I am about to send to the yeti. She claims it isn't bad. I hope she is right. I really like him and want to keep going out with him, I strongly suspect that this email will stop that. (Us going out that is). I am dilemma'd about whether or not to send it. I am drunk enough right now that I could do it without thinking about it, but at the same time, I don't want to lose him. Of course how can I lose something I don't have? Goddamn boys. I so need to join a convent or convert or something... eeewww pussy, gross! Nevermind about the conversion thing. I never want to go there. Hmmm... to send or not to send... I think I fear sending it because I feel like such a wuss for not being able to tell him in person and because I feel bad for sending him an email because this isn't giving him a chance to verbally respond. Damn yeti, can't he make my life easier?

Saturday, January 17, 2004

So I have spent all week thinking I had to go to the Girl Scout office today thinking the store was open and I could go get badges and what not that I need. They aren't open today so I CAN spend the day in my pj's (which as of 1:20 I am still in my pj's) and do nothing. I have showered but then put my jammies back on because they are so comfy. I think I'm going to watch Harry Potter this afternoon. I am feeling an inexplicable need to watch both movies this weekend. I have developed an unhealthy I don't know that addiction is the right word, but affinity for Celebrity Poker Showdown. It is kind of a neat show. That's all for now kiddos. Have a good Saturday. As the never aging Casey Kasem says "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars." Hm... i think i might actually be feeling less crabby right now. Dang I SHOULD get dressed and go to the library. Maybe later.
Okay feeling slightly more human. I took a nap and a shower and may be able to face the day after all. Headache is still there but no longer makes me cry out in pain when I move my head.
Fuck fuck fuck... I couldn't sleep last night. Not at all... so I was still up at like 2 AM... what time did I wake up this morning?? 7:10. Seven Fucking Ten in the MORNING! I tried to fall back asleep, but my body just was not cooperating. AND damn headache is still there.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Yet another... or maybe it is still... goddamn headache. It is killing me. Cranky cranky cranky still. :(
Suddenly and randomly today (ok probably not suddenly) I feel like Monica from Friends in the one with the jam. Like suddenly I want to either be cooking or I want to have a baby. Now, we know this feeling will pass... it always does, but right at this moment it feels freakishly overwhelming. After spending like an hour and a half marching downtown with my brownies on Monday, it will probably be completely GONE.. ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2004

So I'm just waking up from my nap in time to watch Friends. I just have to say that baby is the cutest thing ever! Damn stirrings... damn hormones... although I have to say Rachel's makeup looks clownish in this scene. Finally... which would you give up food or sex? I think I know the answer in Vlad's case. ;) Given my present situation, I can totally say sex... but if I were getting it regularly?? It might be harder...
OK... I totally would've giggled over those two acronyms too.

I am feeling somewhat depressed this evening. I'm thinking it is mostly hormonal, but I'm choosing to wallow in it anyway. So clothes are expensive and apparently I am such a fucking 5 year old. I spilled curry on my new black pinstripe shirt. Now potentially this shouldn't be an issue, but for some reason something in the curry caused a the black dye in the shirt to run so I have these large black splotches where the dye has run into the pinstripes and there is a good chance the shirt is ruined. :( I will be very sad if it is. I am going to try to get some RIT color-out to remove the dye from the white stripes. Ooh and also, black spot on my new white bra. I attended a super supreme boring meeting this morning so that was good and bad... good because it meant I was bored in a different place, but bad because I was still bored. I had first aid training this afternoon. That was fun. While walking home I realized that with Valentine's day coming up and things still in the dark about the yeti, I will probably be alone for this damn holiday yet again... damn yeti. I heard from him on Tuesday but just a response to something I said and not too much. Damn yeti. AND I read the Joan of Arcadia recap and it was good but made me weepy a little bit. Damn weepyness. I think I'll take a nap.
I cannot be turning 30 this year when I am still such a child. I am not the only one, however. At my meeting today, we all got a little giggle about the following acronyms which play a prominent part in our project: NRDS and NARD. Hee.
Even with my immense love for the show, I must admit that this wasn't the finest episode. I was switching over to The Bachelorette occasionally.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

So Michelley, I gave that damn show 39 minutes of my life. I couldn't do it. I tried... I spent 39 minutes watching that show and have discovered I can't watch it. AND that's 39 minutes of my life I'll never get back... with the end so in sight (you know in maybe 40 years or something) that's a lot of time. What a freakyass commercial that's on right now, something about a bug and tennis shoes.
You met a boy just as I'm winding things down with my boy. I am now waiting and seeing. If the boy emails/calls me and asks me out I'll go, but I'm no longer initiating. Good luck with your boy. I'm sure it will last what at least 15 minutes? ;)
I met boy.
Let's time how long this lasts.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Today... for all of 10 minutes... i didn't feel quite so OLD... Brad Pitt is 39!! HEE HEE HEE!

Sunday, January 11, 2004

UGH! This training I went to today was so terrible!
1 - One of the trainers was a slow talker. I HATE slow talkers.
2 - The other had this annoying vocal pattern. It sounded like she was talking to children the whole time. Hazard of being a mom to a 5 and a 3 year old I guess.
3 - I knew almost all the stuff that we were going over.
4 - It took FOREVER!
5 - They kept making us do these annoyingass activities and then discussing them.
and finally -
6 - IT WAS FREEZING!!! By the end of the meeting I was shivering.

I totally meant to cook dinner tonight at home, but as I was walking through the convention center the smell of Taco Del Mar totally enveloped me and I was dragged unwillingly into the restaurant and forced to buy tacos for dinner. Damn. I had even bought the stuff I needed to cook Chicken in Garlic Sauce (hopefully it works) for dinner tonight. I guess it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Couldn't I just have a chef or something? I am sick of cooking for myself already... Hard to believe that there is like 40 more years of this. And to further prove that I'm getting old... I've taken to knitting and crocheting again to entertain myself since I have no self entertainment skills...
So here it is Sunday morning and as always there is NOTHING on TV. (Sorry sweetie, I don't consider the Golden Girls ANYTHING). And now I'm watching Beverly Hills 90210. Sigh... there is SO many things wrong with this show today.
1 - It is their 5th year reunion. Who has a 5 year reunion??!! Besides that... who flys far to go to a 5 year reunion?
2 - Which brings me to Andrea Zuckerman... who flew from somewhere far away just to go this 5 year reunion.
3 - Why a 5 year reunion? It is one year after their college graduation. How much can change and does change in that time? They probably saw each other during college breaks at Christmas and summers.
Ahhh such drama for 90813... (or 90210 or whatever...) :D

Speaking of reunions. I did not attend my 10 year reunion. It has been over 10 years since we were in high school! TEN. YEARS! Not that I would ever want to go back to high school. I HATED it... but still, it would be nice or interesting (mostly interesting) to see what everyone was up to.
Damn PMS. I thought that the pill was supposed to take care of this. (At least that's the excuse for today's random weepiness.) I was watching that marriage show on TLC (For Better For Worse) and they were finally doing the wedding part and I got a tad bit weepy. AND I was watching some commercial with babies and got all biologically clockish. Damn this getting old thing. I think I should adopt a Romanian baby... who can we think of that is Romanian? Ivan Lendl he's Romanian. :D hee hee hee...

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Ugh. I have a headache.

Friday, January 09, 2004

So secretly I think I should've been encouraged to take shop classes when I was younger. I am so geekily fascinated by machines that do things. (ok I know that all machines do things but I'm referring to more active things ahh.. it'll become clear what i'm talking about in a minute). Like I was just walking past this scaffolding lifting thing and I totally wanted to climb on it. Apparently I never really got over that tree climbing thing from childhood. I also want to learn to use a power saw and maybe a belt sander or something like that. I'm sure this is a passing fancy as god knows I would lose interest quickly but still... If I did one of those kinds of jobs, I could wear jeans EVERY DAY! and how awesome would that be? Of course if we were to point out my halfway painted bedroom as an example of why I am not suited for this type of work I would have to grin sheepishly but anyway... :D

Thursday, January 08, 2004

So apparently it is Launch's sense of humor (is that spelled correctly?) that requires that they play Simi Yadeych B'Yadi (some happy child song about the Israeli Independence Day) right after they play Smile Empty Soul's "Bottom of a Bottle". Just so you understand why this is funny... a portion of the lyrics for Smile Empty Soul's song is "I do it for the drugs... I do it just to feel like that..." Where as the Simi yadeych B'Yadi song has lyrics like "Put your hand here in mine dance..." :)

I am ashamed to admit I have hit rock bottom in my cyberstalking of the yeti. Periodically, when I'm at his weblog, I click on the friends link just to see what these people he considers friends are talking about. Sometimes it is interesting... mostly it isn't. So there is a new post from a person who is thanking him for the care package. Who is she I wonder... Why is she thanking him... Why did he send her a care package... My am I a suspicious person... :) (Well and perhaps a little bit bored person since I don't have a lot of work to do right now) So I do a little further digging and click on her name to get to her weblog and her info where she has a home page listed... AHHH given the banner ad on the bottom of her homepage I now know who she is. The banner ad at the bottom of her page is about disabled members of the gay and lesbian community. I have seen her picture actually. He had a crush on her before he discovered she was a lesbian... ahh relief. :D
I'm not sure I want to attempt to watch that show. I might get hooked like with Buffy and Angel.
So, I'm supposedly booked with dates this weekend.
There's Brian and Robert (both look like skinheads and are riddled with tattoos), Alex (the masseur with big ears and gorgeous eyes), Jeff (who will most likely cancel), and a host of other boys who just want to hookup with me. I bet I only go out with one of the boys.
'Tis the season to flake out.

"Welcome to the O.C., bitch"
To cheer you up:

Thank you for being a friend
Travel down the road and back again
Your heart is true
You’re a pal and a confidante
And if you threw a party
And invited everyone you knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say:
Thank you for being a friend.

Even V must love The O.C. now. They referenced The Golden Girls throughout the whole episode last night.
I hate men.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Meh... I forgot how difficult it is to walk in slush. This morning's walk took me 30 minutes! Thirty Minutes!! I'm getting old. I was all worried about falling and breaking a hip or something. :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I called all my Brownie parents to let them know that we weren't having a Brownie Meeting tonight. One of them seemed kind of startled since she had assumed (correctly) that we wouldn't have a meeting. She made the comment that she had pretty much figured that. (total random thought... I didn't know George Harrison died... was it from that stabbing attack or something else I wonder - ok not that random, the tv commercial on right now is about the "concert for george" after his death). Back to my story - I wanted to tell this mom that I was calling as a courtesy because I had two parents who I felt fairly confident who woud not even think about the fact that school was closed and just randomly drop their kids off at the meeting. One of whom is always late anyway. People are dumb. I wonder if the weather is still this bad (not actively snowing, but like my road has been closed all day) if school will be cancelled tomorrow too. Most of me won't mind going back to work, but I would kind of like to watch the People's Court Episode they advertised for tomorrow. :)
We aren't so old....
Yesterday I saw a co-worker's high school year book. He was a senior in 1978-1979. Another one of my co-worker's was in the same year book. He was a freshman that year. As you well know, we were in kindergarten in 1979 for the 1979-1980 school year. So when my Tom Petty look-alike co-worker was receiving his diploma we were blissfully unaware, watching Sesame Street or The Electric Company or eating crayons.
Today I heard the words every 3rd grader and university employee longs to hear... "SNOW DAY!" Snow Day! Yes that amazing phenomenon that occurs sometimes if you are lucky that means you don't have to go to school. When your work is a school... you don't have to work! When I first looked out the window this morning I thought, there's no way we are not working today. There were like 2 inches TOPS (and that's probably being fairly generous) on the ground. I figured I would be going to work, but I logged on and checked the SU website and lo and behold! SNOW DAY! These are honestly the best words ever. So today I get to spend the day in my apartment being all toasty and warm and drinking hot apple cider (I haven't yet but will do so in a matter of minutes. I wonder if my new mugs are microwavable... hmmm....). I have done an evil thing tho. I dragged Minka and Baxter out into the snow. For the record, they don't LOVE snow. :) In fact, they don't seem to like snow. They do NOT share my enthusiasm for the snow and Minka crawled up into my jacket and down my sleeve. It has been snowing all morning and is just the coolest thing. I forgot how much I loved the snow. Ahhhh Snow.

Monday, January 05, 2004

This morning's discussion... the myriad of reasons I love my wool coat!

1 - It is toasty oasty warm! I totally didn't mind walking to work because it was so warm inside that coat.
2 - It is from college and a size I haven't fit into since college yet it totally still fits (hmmm that may be the number one reason! :) )
3 - Did I mention it is warm?
4 - It is also more professional in appearance than my usual leather jacket with blue hoodie underneath it that I have been wearing lately so it goes nicely with my new work clothes. :)
Goddamn outdoor smokers! So I totally think tonight was going to be the night Ray FINALLY kissed me. How did I think that one might ask, I don't really know it was just a feeling I got. We were standing all close and talking quietly it just felt like it... but then goddamn outdoor smoker was standing right behind me so nothing. Yet another reason to hate smokers! At this rate, I'll be 80 before it happens... :|

Friday, January 02, 2004

Greetings and Happy New Year!

So I'm back from vacation and am glad to be home. Vacation is fun and nice and all, but there's nothing like your own bed. :) Mostly I'm glad to be back in the home of soft water... ;) It makes my hair much easier to comb... but I do miss Michelle's awesome water pressure.

I have failed to keep the family tradition of eating sauerkraut on New Year's day (I know I know that was yesteray) for good luck. Mostly because I HATE sauerkraut. Apparently that means bad luck this year. If any of y'all know of any other way for me to get good luck, let me know I'll be all over that. I need as much good luck as possible after the last 2 years. Maybe this year will be MY year.. (except for the 30 part... :'( )

My little sister asked me yesterday if I made any New Year's Resolutions. That would be another thing I've given up. Why set up an opportunity to fail? They never come true. I think the last time I made one was when I was living in CA, and I resolved to get laid that year. Didn't happen. :( Hence, no resolution since then. Any of y'all resolving anything this year? Have a fabu day and Ugh! Work on Monday...