Saturday, September 24, 2011

New TV!

I think it is no secret that I love television. I grew up on it. I get super excited when September rolls around and new shows are announced and favorites come back.  Last week was the pinnacle of the new season. (Is that right? I think I'm using that correctly).  Many things I love are back and some new things I'm still on the fence about have started and one thing I'm totally in love with (so much so that I watched the premiere twice in the same week when usually I don't rewatch a show that quickly). 

Parks & Recreation.  I don't know if I've posted here about my love of this show.  I love the character of Leslie Knope. I want to BE Leslie Knope. I don't know that I have ever felt as passionate and inspired and excited about my job as she is.  She's fearless in her pursuit of greatness for her Parks Department and I just find her so amazing.  I also wish I could be as positive as she is and as able to compliment people the way she does. She is probably my favorite character on TV right now and I will be super sad when the show gets cancelled. (At some point way way way in the future).

Sons of Anarchy: It seems odd that I like this show.  It seems like a show I wouldn't like.  But I weirdly love it.  It's violent. It's brutal.  It does feature some very attractive eye candy so that helps with the brutality part.  This season they're getting in deep with some even worse dudes than usual so it could be interesting.  Last season I kept watching because they were in "Ireland" and the accents alone kept me going.

Raising Hope: Another show I love. The family is so caring of each other and funny.  And they're trying so hard to do things right for the baby that was thrust upon them.  They really care about each other and I think that isn't always the feeling you get with television shows. Plus they've got the cutest baby on television bar none. 

New Shows

The New Girl: Michelle liked this show. I'm on the fence. I liked the boys on the show but find Zooey whateverherlastnameis to be too much. It was like she was trying too hard.  But it is on between Glee and Raising Hope and I watch both of those so I'll end up watching it until it gets cancelled.

Two Broke Girls: Freaking hysterical. I thought it was sharp and well written. It may have been a little over the top in terms of innuendo, but that's okay. I do find that I'm completely distracted by Max's boobs in her uniform. They're massive.

Revenge: By far the best show I've seen in a long time. It was so well thought out. I am sucked in and completely excited to watch next week!  Emily Van Camp has such a girl next door vibe (probably due to Everwood) that you can't believe she's plotting against these Hamptonites. It is delicious and I don't use that word lightly. I hope it goes on for a long time, BUT has an end in place so it doesn't drag on forever and ever.  I've already watched the pilot twice.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Alone vs Not Alone

Since I live alone and hang out by myself a lot, I have a weird set of rules about what I feel is acceptable for me to do alone versus what says pathetic to me.  I was thinking about that as I was driving home today.  I thought about going to Oklahoma to go to a casino over the weekend. (Although in general I find going to casinos to be an odd activity unless I'm actually in Vegas or Atlantic City), but I feel like that's an activity that is pathetic to do alone. So here are the rules of going places alone as defined by me:

Eating out - Fine depending on the quality of the restaurant.  Dennys - no problem.  Ruths Chris steak house or fancier - weird.
Movies - Fine alone
Theater - Depends. Musicals are okay but like the symphony no. (No logic there).
Drinking in a bar - Not so much alone. I think that's sad.
Attend a sporting event - iffy. I think they're more fun when you're there with other people. But I've done it alone and it wasn't a big deal.
Going to a casino - Since I already think going to the Indian casinos are a little bit sad, I think going alone is super sad.