Sunday, June 30, 2013

A $400 lesson

Two weeks ago I put an offer in on a house. It was a nice enough house, small. In a location I had no desire to live in. On paper, though, it was perfect. It had a newer roof, heater and water heater. It had nice floors throughout. It was weirdly laid out with the laundry room in the living room. But it was in my price range and it was the size I wanted and because I felt like every time I was turning down a house I was being picky or ridiculous I put an offer in on it. And I immediately felt regret. That night I tossed and turned and couldn't sleep because I wanted to back out. I wanted to back out desperately.

The next day I got a call from my realtor and here was my out, they wanted to split the difference between the house price and my offer. I could have backed away there but I kept thinking that I could make this house my house. I kept thinking this might be as good as I can get. I kept thinking I should settle even though I don't love the location at all (ok I hate it) and I didn't like the kitchen or the weird layout. So I agreed to the price change.

I scheduled the inspection and actually attended the inspection because I was curious. It needed a new AC unit and there were some wiring issues that would have to be fixed. Nothing big enough to warrant me backing out completely even though I kept thinking "please let there be something that will let me back out of this deal."  So we put it back to the seller to fix a few issues and I was hoping the seller would balk. He didn't. But on the last day of my 7 day option period I pulled out. It wasn't my house. I didn't love it. I liked it, but I didn't love it.

After I pulled out I started second guessing that decision. I still don't know if I made the right decision. I think I did. But I keep thinking if it had been the right decision in the first place I wouldn't be having near panic attacks at the thought of it. Or maybe I would. I didn't have a panic attack about the house I lost. That one I knew was the one I wanted. The worst part is that now I have to wait a few months before I can house shop again. We're entering our busiest time at work and I'm going to need all my free time to work more so no house hunting until February. Hopefully by then one I will love will be out there waiting for me. Or maybe I'll move to Wyoming. :)

The Greatest Story Ever Written (or plot holes are a scourge)

I've started reading The Bible. Already I have questions. I feel that even though I'm an atheist, I should know what this book says since so many people quote it all the time. I've tried to read it before but I usually just get so bored. Clearly it isn't going well this round since according to my Kindle I'm 0% through.  In case it matters I picked up the English Standard Version since it was a free download on my Kindle.  Maybe one of the others would leave me with fewer questions. Hard to know.

So I've started The Bible (First question, it is big T in The Bible not little, right?) and I'm just past the story of Noah and just read about Abram going to Egypt with his wife. So here are my questions:

1 - Abram goes to Egypt and lies about his wife being his sister because he's worried about the Egyptians killing him because she's so beautiful. That logic I don't even understand, but whatever. Here's the question - Since Abram and the Egyptians are all descendants of Noah, why would the Egyptians be a threat to Abram's wife? Has that much time passed? Shouldn't they all still have some of the same values? Does that mean a guy with a super attractive wife who came into Abram's territory would be killed so Abram could have his wife?  (Completely unrelated each time I read Abram I think of the guy off The Real World/Road Rules challenges so I completely picture a blonde kind of dumb surfer dude as Abram)

2 - Noah repopulated the planet so the Egyptians are part of Noah's family. Shouldn't they be covered under the "covenant" made with Noah? Why would God curse them since it was Abram who lied. It isn't like the Pharaoh knew the wife was married to someone else.

3 - If the Egyptians are not of Noah and therefore not of God, where did they come from? It was pretty clear that there was a flood and everyone and everything in the WORLD was wiped out and Noah repopulated everything. So where did the Egyptians come from?