Monday, August 24, 2009

A world of Unknown

I'm frustrated. I had hoped to be on my way out by now which clearly is not happening. Philly has not called. I am emailing the recruiter today. I am sick of not knowing what is happening with that. Yeah, probably I'm not getting the job, but honestly they could tell me that you know? Especially as excited as they originally seemed about me. (Or if it is a 'hiring freeze' that would be nice to know too). My recruiter friend thinks they are still considering me but also weighing their options. I'm hanging a lot of hope on this one because there is not much out there right now frankly. The funny thing is that I thought I'd take a couple weeks off from the hunt because I'm burnt out on it... so now it is a forced couple weeks off and I'm panicking. :) Isn't that the way it always goes.

Work is particularly difficult right now. We're changing to a different life insurance vendor. That would normally be no big deal. The problem... I have 3 people who will be dying in the next few months. The new vendor won't pay their claims because they were not actively at work on the 1st of the month. The old vendor won't pay because they aren't our vendor anymore. Interesting Catch 22 that is. I'm working it out, but it is a bit stressful...especially for the one whose death is imminent. (Well or for the one who seems to be in denial about her status... she's a fun one to talk to).

I checked out last night. It is basically a catalog of kids in foster care looking for families. It is interesting and is giving me some good insight into my future plans, if I go through with them. A few blogs I've started reading are scaring the hell out of me. :)

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