Tuesday, December 01, 2009

That's one way to lose weight

So when I got home on Sunday I had to lug my suitcase up 5 flights of stairs because the elevator was broken. I was unhappy with that. Yesterday morning I left and elevator was still broken (makes sense since it isn't like the repair guy came out overnight). HOWEVER yesterday evening I got home from Girl Scouts to discover the elevator was still broken. Apparently it needs a part. That part has to come from Germany. Now when the apartment managers told me that I thought wow... god this is going to take forever. Upon further reflection this morning I thought, are you kidding me? It is 2009. Fedex, UPS, and a wide variety of other shipping companies can have a part here in less than a week. This should not take forever to fix. However if the part doesn't fix the elevator then it may need a new motor. The apt manager in the next building (who is owned by the same owners that own my building) says if that's the case the prop managers (higher than apt manager on the food chain) may not get it fixed. Fuck that. Damn good thing I'm moving out. Then I thought... how on earth will movers get my bed down the stairs? It isn't like these stairs were designed to have people moving couches and whatnot up and around and over them. Christ what a pain in the ass. Also, depending on how long this goes, I may end up with a pretty nice ass. :)

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