Monday, July 11, 2011

Moralistic Stance

One of my few moralistic stances relates to cheating.  I have no issue with couples who want to be in an open relationship or poly (and no interest in that myself), but if only one person is in an open relationship while the other doesn't know anything about it, that's cheating. (Obviously). 

While watching The Piano for class tonight I realized it is the selfishness I have a horrible time with.  I know, somehow, we were supposed to feel for Holly Hunter's character.  In fact, the reason I was watching had to do with the Blackbeard Folk story and the husband represents Blackbeard, but the whole time I was watching the movie I thought about how awful she was to him.  I'm not saying she deserved to have her finger cut off by an axe, that was horrific. But seriously, he didn't seem like a bad guy.  The husband didn't do anything wrong (well, you know until he snaps and cuts her finger off with an axe, but PRIOR to that).  I couldn't feel any empathy for her.  I couldn't feel any empathy for Diane Lane in Unfaithful.  I could never feel any empathy for Carrie when she cheated on Aiden.  I couldn't feel any empathy for the gay cowboys even.    This is also the reason I've never read (nor watched) bridges of Madison County or the Horse Whisperer.  I started the Horse Whisperer thinking it was a story about rebuilding the horse and child's life and got annoyed... skipped to the end and put the book down never to read it again.

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