Wednesday, February 08, 2012

This is not a post about my work status or my schooling.

Aren't you relieved?

I needed a new skin care regime. My "T" zone was super dry and flakey sometimes. I went to Ulta and was chatting with one of the sales reps. She recommended Dermalogica so I bought one of those kits. I'm now being a grown up and not just using hand soap and regular facial lotion on my face. So far I like what it is doing to my face. It feels nice.  AND I recently got a compliment on my face by a coworker. She said she could tell I'm doing something different.


KtP said...

Hand soap? Oh, ow!

... said...

Good for you...I just recently switched from using soap on my body and for shaving. For the most part, I can just use water (I still use a little soap in the spots that need it), and my skin has not felt better. I have pretty dry skin normally but this "no soap" thing has really helped.

I have a few face regime kits I should be using regularly...just need to start making the time in the "bedtime" routine. Good for you for finding something new that works!!