Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What I wanted to Say

There was a post to my celiac group tonight that I feel exemplifies what I hate about my celiac community. We, to my knowledge more than any other allergen group, demand special treatment to the point of entitlement. Nowhere in the Constitution are we guaranteed the right to eat at Subway. And why, in all honesty, would we want to make a fuss about a restaurant that doesn't cater to our every whim when we are not their core demographic? I have no idea why this post is pissing me off as much as it is. I don't usually get my dander up about my celiac listserv even though I usually think most of them are a bunch of whiney princesses. The post and my thoughts after the jump

Heads up! Subway has recently NEGATIVELY changed its policy toward Celiacs. No longer can we get "breadless sandwich" ingredients served in a plastic salad bowl, NOW we have to eat out of four or five small cups and/or "cookie wrappers" in which Subway serves our meal. Always before when we asked for a $5 foot-long sub WITHOUT bread, the managers would sometimes stare blankly for a minute, but then they would proceed to serve up the foot-longs fixin's IN a plastic salad bowl without complaint. However, recently I was told that an "edict" had come down from Corporate that Subway will ONLY allow "breadless sandwiches" to be served in several small coffee/soup cups and open cookie wrappers! What a mess with a hot chicken club!
Just get a salad? Well here's the rub: the salads cost 50 cents MORE than the $5.00 foot-long subs, and the salads have only ONE piece of meat, while the foot-long's have TWO pieces of meat, a TON of lettuce, and cost LESS than salads! A gyp, right? So in exchange for DONATING our bread BACK to Subway's coffers, we Celiacs are being punished with a.) having to struggle to eat our meal in a conglomeration of tiny cups and soggy cookie wrappers or b.) paying MORE for LESS meat in a salad! Try eating THAT on your lap in the car or on a picnic, or even at one of their tables! They know this and we Celiacs are simply being punished for daring to ask for something the non-Celiacs are getting automatically! Grrrrrr. Those plastic salad bowls can't cost as much as an entire loaf of their gluten-nightmare BREAD! All we're asking is to swap the bread for the salad bowl. Easy, right?

Well, we've appealed to Subway Customer Service for months now, and have been patronizingly told that our "suggestion" would be "run by Research and Development"...Yeah right!?! R&D has nothing to do with this. This is strictly discrimination against Celiacs! They expect us to either pay MORE for a salad drowned in lettuce, or to eat our "breadless sandwich" ingredients in a bunch of tiny cups all over our laps!

We have really enjoyed Subway and this is a real shame, but we do believe all the Celiacs should be made aware of Subway's blatant unfriendliness to us, and MAKE SOME NOISE! We go to many other fast-food restaurants (including Chipotle, who is savvy enough to even change gloves for us!) and have never had such inequities against our health issues before. This is intolerable, and should be broadcast to all Celiacs out there! LOUD AND CLEAR!

Here's what I wanted to say:

You stupid fucking jackass. It is people like you who make restaurants less inclined to work with us. This response is the very definition of entitlement. Nowhere are we guaranteed the right to eat fast food when we want it and how we want it. You don't see Orthodox Jews up in arms because they can't eat at McDonald's since their kitchens haven't been koshered. The dairy-free groups aren't protesting Dairy Queen or Baskin Robins for not offering a dairy-free option. Let's be a little reasonable and not expect that every single restaurant we want to go to bow down to our demands. They have an alternative. You don't like it. That's your issue and you can suck it! It's a fucking Subway! Their core audience is right there in the name "Subway" a type of sandwich. I don't go to Noah's Bagels and ask for a bagel with schmear hold the bagel. I don't go to Domino's pizza and ask for a pizza but no crust please. Stop focusing on stupid shit like you have nothing else to do.


Lyndsy said...

You are so on! It's a SUBway. The point is to serve meat and cheese on BREAD. PICK A DIFFERENT RESTAURANT.

... said...

I love your response, you should have posted it!!