Sunday, August 05, 2012

Succumbing to the cute!

A couple months ago I was struggling with what to get Michelle's 3 year old for her birthday. I got her a cute Fisher Price Wonder Woman with the invisible jet and a Joker and a Batman so she had a villian. Well, as is bound to happen, her other daughter has a birthday. This is a big one - five. As I wandered up and down the pink aisles of Target trying to decide what to go with, I found the little girl legos. I know blah blah blah they're pink and not empowering or whatever. They are also cute and contain little animals. So I got the pink lego. I made sure to get two kits because little sister might want a little girl to play with too. This may be a mistake, although I did check with Michelle first.

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Peeved Michelle said...

We all loved those little girly Legos! Seriously, my girls like girl stuff. As much as I tried to be gender neutral on stuff, they really just gravitated toward that stuff. And, in defense of Lego for making these girls Legos, I love that there is a Lego set my daughter actually wants to play with.