Sunday, May 18, 2014

Queen of DIY

I bought a house. I bought a house back in March and spent the month of April into May moving in and doing little things to it. Immediately my sister and I painted the master bedroom and the kitchen. Oh and we tore down wallpaper. Wallpaper is the devil. My sister also blew in more insulation into the attic. We bought the bundles of insulation and the blowing machine rental is free. It is super hot work and very dirty. You end up covered in the product. We didn't use the fiberglass kind which would have been itchy.

I've been slowly tearing up parts of the back yard to make gardens. I have planted a food garden with tomatillos, jalapeno, red pepper, cantaloupe, watermelon and parsley. In the back corner of my yard I'm trying to start a butterfly garden. I've planted some flame acanthus (which now that I look at pictures of it online I don't really like it but whatever. I've also planted some yellow columbine and I just got a black & blue anise sage. Oh and a lantana. All of these should attract butterflies eventually.  I also plan on tearing out a whole segment and throw wildflower seeds down and see what I can get to grow. I also planted a red leafed Japanese maple tree.

The exciting part, to me, is the things I can do myself. The dryer I own wasn't the right kind for the outlet. I took the outlet out and replaced it with the correct kind. I've been in the bathrooms replacing the knobs on the tub. The ones on the house were awful. So I changed them. :) Today I also have been staining some shelving my mom brought me. I'm really excited about the way it is turning out.


Cat said...

Yay house!! Congrats!! It's exciting and huge! So many exciting and huge things in your life this year! *happy dance*

Anonymous said...


I emialed you at your jominkbax acct. Could you send me your new mailing address? I have something for you.
Kate from VT