Thursday, March 26, 2009

4 min 33 seconds to post...

We're in Belfast today and until Saturday when we return to Dublin and fly out Sunday morning. It was weird travelling into Belfast, they didn't stamp our passport when entering. Apparently they don't need to. I'm not sure what'll happen when we leave to go back to Ireland. They only stamped our passport until 3/25 (whoops we were there until 3/26) because I told him we'd be travelling into Northern Ireland and then returning on the 28th. He said we'd get it stamped coming back. I dunno. There didn't seem to be a customs place in the train station. Maybe they do it on the train.

While I'm having a great time, I'm kind of getting ready to come home. I'm sick of spending money (and oh how I have spent!). I'm tired of living in a suit case and travelling every couple of days. I want to sleep in MY Bed on MY sheets and by myself. :) Two weeks is a LONG vacation. I'm not sure I could do it again.

(Also if I paid 2£ for this internet connection, I should be able to see the screen full screen instead of mostly covered in ads.)

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