Wednesday, March 10, 2010

April 5th.

I start my fancypants new job on April 5th. I end my current job on April 1. I'm probably going to fly to Dallas on April 3rd. Eek. This is very soon. I might die of soonness. :)

I have sent in my application and fees for a new apartment in Ft. Worth. It is about 8 miles from my new job. I'm pretty excited about the place. It is gorgeous. It has a pool and a dishwasher and a walk in closet and a balcony. I'm getting a corner unit. It doesn't have a washer/dryer in the unit, but there are hookups for one and my crazy mother has one in her garage for me. I can park my car and not pay $100/mo to do so. It has a fire place. And the one they are holding for me is a corner unit! Below is a sample floor plan for it. Isn't it cute?

I'm being stubborn. My mother has offered me her car, a Nissan something or other from some time in 2000. I don't want it. I've driven it before. I didn't like driving it. It would be free for me though. but I really want to buy my own. I want to pick out my own cute little hatchback and pay for it and negotiate for it and all that jazz.


Kate the Peon said...

The floor plan is almost identical to my last apt - which had a pool and a dishwasher - HELLO, DISHWASHER! - and a balcony that I loved and lots of sunlight.

You will love it. EEK! I'm so excited!

Although I think you will regret the car-negotiating fun whilst in the middle of that. :)

Also, why not fly a little sooner - give yourself more time to get settled? Although, I did that schedule when I moved down here - here on Sat, work on Mon. And it worked out. :)

Cat said...

I don't recall any of the car-negotiating being fun at all. Hmm. Maybe it's different in Quebec. ;)

Pool. Ahhh. Lovely!