Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It's all done but the details...

I submitted my letter of resignation today. I'd already verbally resigned, they just needed the letter for my file. I also submitted my intent to vacate to my apartment people. Now I just need to pack. Ugh.

I hope I have found an apartment. The place is beautiful and has good ratings from an apartment ratings website I found. The costs are more expensive than move.com posted but still cheaper than my current rent for a 2 bedroom. Although maybe in the interest of saving money and paying down debt I should just go with a 1 bedroom. The 1 bedrooms they have are even cheaper (obviously they're only 1 bedroom. :P ) Ugh. This indecisiveness is annoying me. I like the idea of having a 2nd bedroom to put like my sewing machine and for when guests visit. The cost difference is only 120/mo (2160/yr).


Cat said...

I have been following in my reader although am a little behind due to my eye surgery and the lack of being able to stare at the computer screen much the last two weeks.. so I'm late to the party.

CONGRATS on the job and the move. I know the move is scary, but it's also exciting! Focus on the exciting.;)

I'd say if you can afford the extra $120 a month for the 2nd bedroom than go for it. It's always nice to have just that little extra bit of space. You'll feel better about it in the long run. If you can't afford it then I wouldn't stretch your finances too much for now.

Are you moving soon??

Kate the Peon said...

Yeah, one thing I haven't seen from you is when all this is taking place?!?!?

Lyndsy said...

Hmmm...I might hold off on the 2-bedroom for a bit. That's a lot of car payment money :) Maybe a 1 bedroom with a den?