Thursday, April 08, 2010

1 Week almost down, who knows how many to go...

So I've survived most of the week. My first thoughts are:

1 - In the future I will not live to the west of my job, I'm always driving into the sun and it is blinding.

2 - I'm shopping like a fiend. I think I might be sublimating my loneliness with my master card. (And by master card I mean debit card)

3 - I can't decide how I feel about living here. I think I'm still not 100% convinced I live here. Even though I drive to and from work each day it is still kind of surreal. Probably once my stuff shows up I'll feel more settled. Now it is just more like I'm staying in a hotel.

4 - I think I like my job. I didn't realize that I am basically #2 in the office. And they have some weird rules. I learned tonight that my coworkers have to leave when the managers leave. I packed up my crap and was about to leave when one of them said something about just finishing one more thing and the other said that they had to leave if I left. It was fine. I dawdled (is that how you spell that?) so that they weren't rushed.

5 - I need to buy a sofa. I'm sick of sitting on the floor. (Also, my hips are sick of me sitting on the floor).

That's all for now.


Kate the Peon said...

Why isn't your stuff there yet? And didn't you have a sofa in WA?

You won't always be driving into the sun, it's just the timing right now.

Congrats on surviving!

Joanne said...

The short answer... I went with a CRAPPY moving co. The long answer: I was given a 14 day guarantee for my crap to arrive. They have until next Saturday. I've called twice in the past 2 days to even determine the weight and do not get called back. When I called yesterday they said it hadn't been set up to come to TX yet. I hate them.

2 - I had a sofa. It was Michelle's friend, Roger's Aunt's sofa. Aunt, Roger, Michelle and then I used it. I decided that since it was so trashed I was going to get rid of it and buy a new one here. (Like I did with the mattress.)