Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sometimes I hate People

The grocery store is one of those places where you really realize how stupid/annoying/whatever people can be. First I went to wal-mart because I think some of the staples (tp and cat litter) are going to be cheaper there than elsewhere.  Now I admit I'm an idiot for going to Wal-Mart at 11:30 on a Saturday. In that respect I deserve what I get.  Even though in general I LOVE self-check out, somehow Wal-Mart's self check out is always a FAIL for me so I don't use it. (Related, I may finally have found a toy Sam likes to play with.  He's been attacking it much of the evening.) I was in the 20 items or less line.  (Shouldn't that be fewer?)  (According to wikipedia, it totally should be).  There was another 20 items or fewer line next to me that was moving much more slowly than mine.  This woman in that line had a full shopping cart.  She kept glaring over at me because the lines were kind of undefined and so I got directly behind one person to get in the quicker line. I wanted to say "look lady, I'm weirdly anal about this and I have 11 items whereas you clearly have well over 20 so get your knickers out of a knot."  I did not though.

So then I move on to another chain grocery store.  I was looking for some produce and a few of those seasoning mixes and a couple other things I couldn't get at Wal-Mart. I pick up my cucumbers, some clementines, chocolate chips (because I'm making GF fruit pies with cherry and chocolate chips, sounds good, no?), and a few other things.  They don't have my seasoning packages but that's okay.  (related, I know you use "Oriental" for things and items like "Oriental" rugs, but I'm still vaguely uncomfortable that that's the label they use for the Asian food section.) I see there are 2 regular lanes open with HUGE lines and the self check out is open.  Wow, one is even totally open. I go and start scanning and then realize nope, someone is in the midst of shopping and apparently has stepped away.  Not acceptable.  So I get in line behind a woman with three candy bars. This should be quick.  Nope. One of the candies is not part of the 2/something deal so she takes it back, leaving the register open but in use.  Then she picks up several other things while she's away and then she can't figure out how to check out.  So I try one other lane but it won't scan my cans and so I give up and put all my stuff back. I can only tolerate the ridiculousness for so long before I wanted to kick someone. I then went across the street to the other grocery store that I like better anyway and got EVERYTHING I wanted and there was no waiting at self-check out and there was no idiots who had wandered off mid-way through checking out.  So all was right with the world. :)

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