Friday, April 01, 2011

Dream wedding

I was thinking today about if I ever got married how fun it would be to get married on April fool's day.  If I did that, I think everyone should have to wear top hats. All the guests that is. I think I'd use a copy of The Fool tarot card for place cards.  And I think it would be just tea and cakes. (Gluten free cakes of course).  I don't like tea though so I'm not sure what I would drink. And there'd be dancing. I don't really dance but I think there should always be dancing at weddings. But no rap music. I don't like rap music. Oh and it will be outside. In a garden. With blooming flowers (hopefully but if not that's okay). Now to find the man. :)  


Peeved Michelle said...

As your future wedding planner, I approve.

ren said...

ha! my parents got married on april fool's day and just celebrated their 50th. but they got married on that date because it was close to easter that year and they wouldn't have to pay for flowers since the church would be full of lillies already.