Saturday, May 21, 2011

Only in Texas

I went on a job interview on Friday and I desperately wanted to take a picture of the bookshelf of one of the men I interviewed with.  On his bookshelf were The Holy Bible, History of God and a book about (or by) George Bush (but I can't recall if it was sr or junior).  It totally made me laugh inside.  The job is different than what I do now.  It would be what I do but also generalist role including employee relations which I'm not that excited about but this would open up my skills and career. (which I know I'm totally changing careers but until a library job opens up that I can find I can still work in HR.)  It is a very small company which would be interesting.  However several people used the phrase "work hard/play hard" which I find cliched and annoying.

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Mishka said...

I wonder if it was the work hard/play hard that did you in...did they have a softball team they wanted you to join???