Sunday, May 20, 2012


This is my BFF Peeved Michelle. Well, I don't call her that. I call her just plain Michelle. Or the boss of me. I've been friends with her since college. Apparently I don't have a lot of photos of her, but she'll probably be happy about that.

We have lived together off and on since college. Well mostly off, especially now that I live in Texas and she is still in California. I may move back there eventually. We'll see. I weep at the thought of paying twice my current rent for some scary ass shitty apartment that's half the size of mine. I try to visit several times a year or we get together other places. For the past few years we've gone to BlogHer and I've seen her there. This is her in her fabulous cheeseburgher hat. I'm not going to explain. It is too difficult and involves alcohol.

I've managed to convince her to go to Disneyland with me... more than once. That's pretty impressive if you ask me since she mostly hates crowds and Disneyland. Although she is taking her older kid there for her birthday (well probably the younger one too since it would be just mean to leave her in the car).

This is K around her 2nd, I think, birthday. M's a good mom. Very consistent. Very loving. I envy her this and hope when I acquire my kiddos I can be half as good as she is.

Every year for the past many years (except the year I had to go to AZ to be with my family and the year she went to Florida to be with her husband's family... never again) we get together for Thanksgiving. I've already asked for the time off from my job. Thanksgiving isn't really the important part of the trip. The important part is Black Friday. One year (and only one and never again) we camped out at Best Buy. It was miserable and in the afternoon we (well at least me) were exhausted. But we always get our shopping done and wrapped and ready for me to ship where they need to go by Friday afternoon and then we can enjoy the "holidays" without having to go to the mall. The mall is evil around Christmas. It is best to avoid it at all costs.

I think the night we camped out at Best Buy we had about 4 layers of blankets each. Hard to believe it was THAT cold in CA.

As part of our Thanksgiving tradition, we do some sort of arts & crap project. One year she introduced me to cake pops. That was both the best and worst year ever. Best because well... cake pops and worst because well... cake pops.

She's had some rough few years lately and I'm amazed by her strength and ability to continue moving forward. I should be so lucky to be even partly as awesome as she is. Maybe someday.


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Love the template...nice change (you probably made it ages ago but I have been off the net for a bit lately due to the plague). Sounds like things are turning around for you!! Yeah! You are brave to do Black Friday...I avoid that one at all costs. As soon as I find work, I am looking forward to making plans with my friends that don't live near me...I need some girlfriend time!

cat said...

Awww, this was a great post. I am happy the internet let me find you two and follow along on various social media things. I didn't realize you'd been friends that long! You're both so lucky to have that.

Peeved Michelle said...

Aw, thanks. And I am still working on Texas...