Friday, May 18, 2012

Old Skool Music

Usually when listening to my iPod I listen to a play list of about 170ish songs. It gets changed up everyonce in a while as songs start to annoy me or as I buy new ones but there are probably certain songs at the core that are always the same. This week, in a surprising change of pace, I've been listening to my entire iPod at work. I have a little over 1800 songs on it. I'm only on about song 250 so far. It has been fun listening to all my old music. Some of it reminds me of Vlad since I got the songs from him.

I was reminded me of some of my favorite music. They Might Be Giants' Anna Ng came up. One of my favorite lines from that song is "I don't want the world; I only want your half." I have far more Britney Spears than I ever thought I did. I also seem to have way more Christmas music than I thought, yet I'm pretty sure I actually have more Pearl Jam but the Christmas music has come up more frequently.

The strangest thing to come up has been a recording of the audio tour of Millenium Park in Chicago.

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corporatepeon said...

Yay for Britney!