Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Because I like to whine...

My right eyelid is twitching mercilessly. And it is driving me nuts.

I did sleep like the dead last night thanks to my good friend cough medicine with codeine. That was nice. I didn't wake up until 6:15 this morning. I have the feeling Rigby tried all her usual tricks to get me out of bed because when I woke up I discovered her sleeping curled up by my knees. She only does that after she has walked around my body and stuck her nose to my nose and done all her other things to get me out of bed. She then gives up and just hangs out until I get out of bed. This was the first morning in a long long time that I slept through that entire process. I might love cough medicine with codeine.

PM's current place of employ has a cat opening for what I do. Upon emailing with her she pointed out the illogicallity of attempting to acquire that cat based on the commute with family factor and the if I lived closer to that cat the family far from PM which defeats that purpose. I'm in an interesting conundrum. I kind of have to wait for the ferrets to die (which, given their life spans, should be any time now although they certainly don't act like they are decrepit) if I want to move back to CA. They are illegal there and although I don't have an issue with breaking that stupid ass law, Tess needs a shot every month and although there are vets who treat ferrets there I would rather not have to deal with that monthly.

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