Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mixed bag

Yesterday I was cracking up in my grocery store because there was this little voice on the other side of the aisle saying "Pease... pease...pease...pease." I know I shouldn't laugh and I know her mom was probably getting peeved but the little girl's pleading for whatever it was the mom had that she wanted totally was funny. She was also a cute little girl. (They were in line behind me while the little girl continued her "Pease...pease...pease... I think she wanted some goldfish but her mom wanted to pay before giving the kid the snack.)

The other day at dinner there was a little boy who was so cute and well behaved I think an ovary exploded. I had to tell the couple that he was adorable and very well mannered. I've become one of THOSE people...

As much as I dislike Paris Hilton, I loved LOVED her ad in response to the John McCain ad. I do appreciate that she seems to have some sense of self-awareness and a sense of humour about herself.

One other celebrity thing that I kind of hate... Morgan Freeman and Shia LeBouf were both in car wrecks while having another person in the car with them. I hate all this weird speculation about why those people were in the car with them. People give rides to coworkers or friends all the time, it doesn't mean someone's cheating.

Also, I should feel ashamed (but I don't) I bought the People Magazine spread with the Jolie-Pitt babies. All things considered, they do have a very attractive brood. I do wonder if the adopted ones will have some of the issues that all my adopted kids books indicate are inevitable. Maybe they've already got the troop of therapists on retainer.

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Jodi said...

I think Paris Hilton is a lot more intelligent than she lets on. I think she definitely has a "public persona" that is for show. Loved the response too!