Sunday, November 02, 2008

Massively disappointing

So this place Pizza Fusion is opening up near my work. They offer Gluten-Free pizza. Since I emailed them with a question, I got invited to their free preview for Saturday night. I was so excited. We had a seating time so we showed up within the 1/2 hour we were supposed to. I was starving. I hadn't had much to eat most of the day so I was completely ready to gorge myself on GF pizza. As I go and check in, I get told it was an hour wait. Are you fucking kidding me? An hour?! The worst part is that the young lady didn't seem too apologetic about that fact. That was the whole purpose of having a seating time... to avoid this. We declined and were getting ready to head back out when another person, who seemed to have more power than reservation chick, offered me a free pizza and wrote it on a menu. Now I just hope it gets honored when I go in. I was really disappointed since I had been looking forward to it for about a week. We ended up at IHOP because I couldn't think of anywhere else to go and was just hungry. Sigh.

On the not disappointing front, Lyday and her friend S and I went to PYOP. I still love PYOP and I think I am actually getting better at it. I painted a cute bowl with a snowflake inside and just little white dots on the outside. I hope it turns out well.

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Peeved Michelle said...

Kenna will probably be able to come with us to PYOP in December. She is very good with the markers now. She is ambidextrous apparently. She likes to have one marker in each hand and to use them both at the same time. We use those markers that only color on special paper since she isn't great at staying on the paper.