Friday, November 21, 2008

Two thousand two hundred thirty seven posts...

You could sing that in your head like that Rent song Seasons of Love. Two thousand two hundred thirty seven poooosts. Two thousand two hundred moments so dear... two thousand two hundred thirty seven poooosts... that's how you measure ... measure 5 years.

Yes people, today is the 5 year blogiversary of my life. Isn't that exciting? And while I've been doing Peeves of Yore over at the Peevery for awile now I'm not doing a Joanne of Yore. I'm pretty sure there are a few things I would rather not remember but I will provide a few links to posts I love. :)

Here's my first ever post. Wherein I realized it was 113 days until I turned 30. Now... 113 days until I turn 35. Should I be freaking out? (That does mean it is 113 days until my birthday... mark your calendars.) (Although I could be celebrating it in Ireland. I haven't figured that out yet.) (Also I don't really love this post, but it is the first one ever so that's kind of cool). I used to drink a lot then, and I'm a little horrified by my early posts.

Five years ago, I also gave up my beloved car. Sigh. Also notable, I had, albiet for a brief time, a guy to be seeing. That was kind of nice. I met his parents which was a first for me. It is better to not have relationships go that long I think. :)

My most favorite post ever came three years ago in 2005. I'll just let you read it and revel in its total awesomeness. I've never tried another April Fool's Joke because none could ever touch this one. It is the comments that make it. :)

In rereading old posts, I spent many months (years?) pining over a crush that didn't pan out. Dang.

Some of the old posts make me sad. Sigh. some don't. Yay. But whatever. Hopefully I'll do this another 5 years. Or maybe not. :)

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