Monday, June 01, 2009

Honesty... is such a blah blah blah

One of the things that has been annoying me about this job search is the question about why I am interested in relocating to xyz location. I frequently give some vague answer about being nearer to family or whatever. I think I'm going to revise that policy and instead I'm going to give the honest answer: After researching possible locations that I may decide to move to xyz city has appeal based on several criteria including being large enough to support the size of industry that would need to employ a benefits manager yet not so large as to be impersonal or intimidating, four seasons for the northern locations, warmth for the southern ones, near a large body of water for those that are or near mountains, a lower cost of living and at least on paper decent public transportation. Other good factors of xyz city include a hockey team (Denver, Austin, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Chicago) as well as cultural opportunities so that I may continue my volunteering endeavors. Again depending on location I may expand on that and say near enough to places like NYC and Boston (again Pittsburgh) without actually being NYC or Boston. I think this might be the more well thought out answer and may make me shine a bit in their eyes. :)

The other part of the question I'm starting to get annoyed by... what kind of support system I'll have. Let me worry about that. I've moved more than once with one person or less as a support system in place... I'm not too worried about that now.


Jodi said...

Is it even legal to ask about support systems or is that something you're being asked casually?

Elisha said...

i think that the real answer is a lot more interesting than a typical answer because it shows you did a lot of research and put a lot of thought into finding a place you will enjoy and that you know what you want. Go for it.