Sunday, June 07, 2009

Poke me in my head

I think my acupuncturist thinks my pain is psychosomatic. Or maybe not that but he seems to believe I'm a big ball of tension. He's probably right. Friday he did the pin thing and since I always ask when he puts them in weird places I asked what each of the different pins do. So he put one in the top of my head (although how did he know where to put it?) and two in the back of my neck, three on one wrist and two on my other hand, one in my elbow and one on the top of each foot. The purpose of all of those... relaxation. And yet still... spent most of the time either jiggling one of my feet (not my fault... he puts one into this spot on my back which totally kills my hip and makes my foot fall asleep) or tapping my fingers. (Unrelated to this... I don't think I like Eva Longoria however I do have a weird little crush on the freecreditreport guy). Hopefully when Denver and Pittsburgh both offer me jobs (because why wouldn't they, I rule! Which I might be crushed if neither even offers me a next interview) and I get to quit this job I will be a little less tense. Of course I'll have a whole different source of tension - moving - but let's not think about that, shall we?

I spent the afternoon going to and from Bremerton on the ferry. Whilst in Bremerton I volunteered for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Poker Run and Regatta. It was pretty fun. I spent the afternoon on a dock handing out envelopes with cards in them to boats who came by. It wasn't too hot outside which was nice.

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