Monday, February 15, 2010

I do believe... :)

So my horoscope for today:

Congratulations. What you are about to enjoy is better than Ed McMahon showing up at your door with a giant check. The heavens have arranged an absolutely heavenly - if you'll pardon the pun - array of callers, all of whom will be intent on making you happy. Fortunately, the right one will indeed be among the crowd that is amassing. All you have to do is show up and interview applicants. Tough job.

Seems pretty nice right? I can hope this means job possibility is night. Maybe. :)

I had a bad phone interview with Pittsburgh. That's okay. Once she started talking about the job I realized I didn't think I wanted it. Plus I don't think I wanted to work for that lady.

I had what I think was a good phone screen with a medical group in TX. I should hear from that later this week.

I have another one tomorrow with a bank in TX. And hopefully I'll hear from a place in New England tomorrow. This could finally work out for me. :)

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