Sunday, August 22, 2010

Other goals

I think when I get 1/2 way between weight x and weight y I'm going to go sky diving.  I may need to have my sister visit then because I'm not 100% certain I can do it on my own. :)  (She'll do it with me.  She'll do anything apparently. : p )  She's certified in scuba diving (that's not why I say she'll do anything) and I totally want to do that too. 


Peeved Michelle said...

When I did that tandem skydive in Las Vegas, I think I weighed 10-20 lbs less than weight x. I don't recall being worried about a weight limit. I was just worried that the boys I was with would find out what I weighed.

Kim said...

I think this is great, just stumbled on your blog here and saw the goal you set for yourself. I need to set a goal like this one to motivate me. Keep up the good work and hope you m make it!