Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Goals for the New Year

Michelle sets up themes for her goals for New Year. Last year it was Health and Finances. I don't really have a theme for 2013. Maybe it is Home.

My first goal - buy a house. Unlike Seattle, FW is a unique position in that I could probably save $300/mo by buying a house. Or not. Given that my electric bill will probably go up (although when I move into a house I'm switching off the rock & twig hippy electric company I currently use) that'll take up some of my funds. I'll have to pay sewage and water and all that which I currently pay only about $20/mo for. At least I presume it would go up. (Look in the span of 10 short minutes I've talked myself out of it). :) But that's my goal. That's my biggest goal. I hope I can make it work. My lease is up in August so I'll begin to seriously start looking at houses in May. I think that's the right time. It gives me 3 months to find and go through the process. You know, unless I'm too optimistic. :)

My other goals are much more minor. I want to keep going to the gym regularly. I want to work on debt. Not encouraging more but reducing the current one I have. I may have to forgoe some things I usually want to do.

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Anonymous said...

I would suggest looking earlier than May. The closing process tends to take a few months, longer if it's a short sale or if you're negotiating for work to be done first.