Wednesday, January 02, 2013

One Word - Home

Michelle is doing this whole thing with three words for her new year. I like her words. they are very clever and really clear. She joined Chris Brogan's Brave New Year program.

I don't really do resolutions, just goals. And sometimes I do well with my goals and other times I don't. So looking at my earlier goal for the new year and expanding it further leads me to the word "Home."

For me home means so much more than the big goal of purchasing a home. It relates much more to accepting jesus christ as my... oh no wait not that. It relates much more to accepting Texas as my home and building the relationships and experiences necessary to make Texas my home and not just some place I'm currently living. I have to get more involved in my community. I need to get out more and be active to try to meet new people. I also need to explore my community. I've lived here for three years and I barely know my city beyond my immediate suburb. (This will also help me in the house hunting project since a house in my current neighborhood is probably going to be more expensive than I want).  I want to feel less temporary about Texas. I can't build a life here if I'm always looking onward at where to go next.

So there is word number 1 - do what is necessary to make Fort Worth not just the place I currently live, but my home.


Peeved Michelle said...

I love it. And I laughed at the JC comment. One of my Twitter friends has "obedience" as her word and her year is about God. To each her own.

I am surprised that you feel like you don't know your city at all. It seems like you are always doing stuff.

I am feeling the same way about Oak Park. Either I am committed to living in California, or I am not. No more waffling. But, I am still waffling.

Lyndsy said...

You can always move to Florida. My mom's thinking about buying me a townhouse :)

All half-kidding aside, are you sure about Texas? I know you like your job, but in the time you've been there, you haven't really found a place or group to be part of. I know you were able to do that, so maybe Ft. Worth isn't for you?

blaugra said...

Jo, you made me laugh too with the JC thing... I think Home is a great word for you. Also a good song by that American Idol winner, which could be your theme song! Wait, do you do theme songs?

... said...

Wow, you have been there for three years already!!