Sunday, July 28, 2013


One of the things that has been a struggle for me with all this running shit is that I don't feel like I'm improving fast enough. Now in reality I've been "running" for all of 3 weeks. (I use running in quotes because a - it is fairly slow and b - it is still mostly walking). My knees and outer calves are killing me. And for fun, my lower back has thrown itself into the mix. This is all muscular pain not joint pain. In my knees it isn't IN my knees but the part that runs on the interior of my knees so I don't think that's the joint that's causing me pain. I bought new shoes and I'm wondering if they aren't part of the problem. On Tuesday when I do my 30 minutes I'll wear my old ones.

So I've been working this program for 3 weeks. Going from the total couch to "running" I probably am doing just fine, but it feels like I should be able to do more. (I don't know why I think that. Honestly there's no reason for it whatsoever). I guess I keep thinking back to my first long run which I was able to do despite the rain and the wind. I think I've taken a step back with the last two long runs which is where my frustration lies. Today I pulled off my shoes and finished my last 2 laps (or 1/2 mile) barefoot because my back and legs were screaming. Barefoot was much easier. (related, the track is more cushiony than I thought it was. I thought I was running on regular road asphalt but when I was barefoot I discovered that's not the case). It does make me ponder minimalist running shoes. I prefer to be barefoot in general. For people who are regular runners there's a huge length of time to make the switch, but since I'm a new runner I wonder if I could just start out that way. Something to consider. (Except I will never ever ever wear those ugly toe shoes. Never. Ever. Ever)

According to my calculations I should be hitting 13 miles in December. Since I have a long time I should be able to do this but damn if I wasn't feeling like I can't this morning.


VeeBeeinLB said...

It definitely sounds like the shoes aren't right for you. I know it's a bummer when you spent a good chunk of change on shoes that you can't wear for very long.

Have you thought about replacing the insoles with athletic inserts? The quality ones are about $40 to $45 at sporting goods stores. I bought "SuperFeet" in a pink box ($45) and they are worth every penny.

I had miserable back pain during hikes when I was using a fitness ball as a computer chair at home. When I stopped using the fitness ball, the pain vanished. I also had back pain about the time I bought a new pillow.

I look forward to your next blog update!!

cat said...

I still can't make it past the second week of Couch to 5K without having to stop. I'm going VERY slowly and I was so frustrated at first but now... I'm just so happy when I am out there, I don't seem to get as disappointed that I have to do this slower than most people do. I haven't been out since last Sunday when I almost passed out. I am oddly sick this week (with all sorts of pain and swollen glands) and I can hardly eat and walk up the stairs to bed let alone run. So I haven't been. I miss it.

For someone who cannot run at all but is trying and amazed at what I can do now that I couldn't do 2 months ago, I would like to offer you encouragement and ask you to not be so disappointed in what you're accomplishing. Also some days will always be better than others. ;)

And, yeah, perhaps you need different shoes?

Hang in there!

Lyndsy said...

And I know you know I want the ugly toe shoes :)

Running is hard. I hurt IMMEDIATELY when I started. Hips, back, legs all over. Can you go run/walk in shorter bursts?

Joanne said...

This is my 9th run actually, not my first. That's what's causing my frustration. I feel like I've gone backwards in 3 weeks.