Saturday, July 20, 2013

Two Weeks Down - A training update

I've done four 30 minute runs so far and one long run on the weekend. I seem to be consistently doing a 20 minute mile. My long run on last Sunday took me an hour to do 3 miles. I've got a 4 mile run coming up tomorrow. I have 6 months to shave 6 minutes off my time so that I can get to a 14 minute mile. Have I mentioned I've never in my life run a 14 minute mile? I'm pretty sure I have. (mentioned it that is not run a 14 minute mile). But a 14 minute mile is my goal which means that by August 20th I need to do a 19 minute mile. I can do that. Maybe.

I bought new tennis shoes yesterday. The running shoe store took video of my gait and figured out what kind of shoes would be the right ones for me. It seems the pronation I used to do is no longer happening. My new shoes are lighter in weight than my current shoes. I hope they'll help with my calf muscles. The outer muscle has been getting tight and painful when I run. I've also been adding some stretching to target those muscles because I need them to not do that every time I run.

I feel all athletic and crap now that I have a regimen and I've bought protein powder that I drink in orange juice before a run. Oh and I bought protein bars which are delicious because they are basically nuts held together with something yummy and then dipped in chocolate.


Cat said...

The fact that you are running a mile is just fantastic. I have been very slowly going through the couch to 5k app and I am still on week 2 after starting this in March. ;) You can DO this. And holy cow do proper shoes make a difference.

I am not a runner either. The playlist on my phone is called "Running is Stupid". But I go out. Now that my massive heatwave is finally over (for now) I am hoping to get out every second day again this week. I can run in 80-degree weather (though even slower than normal) but I can't do anything in 111F weather. Ugh.

VeeBeeinLB said...

This update motivated me to take my butt out to pound the pavement!

And I loved this comment, "I feel all athletic and crap now that I have a regimen."

I don't quite have a regimen, but at least I'm more inclined to make the effort to unload the extra 10 pounds I've gained in the past year. That's 10 pounds on top of the other extra weight I've been hefting around.

So, please, keep the updates coming!