Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2nd Semester - A whole lot shorter!

I'm now in my 2nd semester of library school.  This semester I took three more classes but the way summer sessions work I'm actually only taking 2 classes at a time.  I have 1 class that takes 10 weeks and then 2 classes that are 5 weeks each - back to back.  However, the weirdness is that one of my classes is actually for only 3 weeks, so I'll be done with my comic book class by Sunday night at midnight.  The nice part about my story telling class (10 weeks) is that apparently summer means "no bigass research project."  Wahoo.  I do have to do 3 story performances - one of which is already done.  For performance #2 I have to do 1 story and performance #3 I have to do 2 stories that are somehow connected and one is only 2 minutes and the other is like 4 or 5 minutes I think.  My 3rd class is a public libraries class.  It will definitely not be as fun or creative as my other two classes this semester.  I'm finding my comic book and graphic novels class to be interesting.  Definitely glad I took it.  It has opened my eyes to some books I might not otherwise have read. In the fall I'll be taking a youth literature class that should be great as well.

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