Saturday, June 25, 2011

Screwed Up Pets

I took Sam to a new vet this morning.  The old vet has not been able to figure out what was wrong with Sam's ears and we've been treating him with diet for 3 months now with no change. So I figured I'd get a 2nd opinion.  She confirmed that Sam is sixish and not the 18 months I was quoted nor the 3 years I just noticed today that's on his vaccination certificate.  Poor boy with the mysterious life.  Anyway, I like this cat.  He's fine as a pet. (ish he is a biter).  BUT I'm not thrilled with the prospect of him being on this fancy hypoallergenic food until he dies.  That shit is $50 a bag! And it makes me wonder how it is I get the screwed up pets.  What is it about me that says "sucker!" (I don't know that I want that answered because I have that same question about me and supershitty bosses.)

In the course of my pets as an adult (4 ferrets 1 cat) ALL 4 ferrets required adrenal shots because they got adrenal disease.  This was somewhere between a $35 - $40 shot/month.  Not counting the cost to get the flexcar since I was in Seattle with no car.  Sam requires fancy cat food.  Honestly I just want one healthy not crazy pet.

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