Monday, June 11, 2012


(Have I ever mentioned how much I hate it when real suffixes are added to a word where it doesn't belong to make a random stupidass word?  See jersylicious, yummylicious and I'll go with gymtastic).

According to Foursquare, I've gone to the gym the past 5 weeks and most of those weeks it has been 4 or more days. I'm pleased with that. I even unlocked the "Gym rat" badge. Mondays at the gym I do not love. They seem extra crowded for some reason.  Tonight, especially, I wasn't interested in going but I forced myself.  Since I really wanted to keep reading my book (Katie Fforde's Love Letters in case you care), I decided instead of swimming laps I would hit the elliptical trainer. Oh how optimistic am I. Of course there were no ellipticals open. My options were bike or go back out to the car and grab my bathing suit and lap swim. So I hit the bike. I don't like the bike. I feel like it is a waste of my exercise time. According to the calorie burning thingie on the bicycle, I burned very little calories for what I feel like is my effort. Plus since this is motherfucking Texas, it is a million degrees and after 5 minutes on the bike I was drenched in sweat. (Even with the little "fan" blowing on me). 

According to a nutrisystem chart I found, stationary cycling is not THAT bad however compared to my beloved breast stroke, it burns about 1/2 the calories the breast stroke does for the same amount of time. Hence my beloved breast stroke. So even though I only worked out for 35 minutes and burned like 12 calories in that time (ok maybe 100 calories) I'm glad I went. I may even join a class one day.

Related to this - I joined the gym in April and did the form to do payroll deductions beginning in June. I followed the instructions given - give the person at the gym the form and they mail it to payroll. Or apparently they don't. No deduction has started yet and according to the computer system I am late with my payment. So I go back in with another form and hand it over to the guys explaining that I already did this once in April when I joined and I followed instructions and are you trying to annoy me?  They took the form.  We'll see if this manages to make the payments begin correctly. I don't want to suddenly get a hugeass bill from the gym that I don't want to pay.


Anonymous said...

It's really hard to resist leaving a dirty comment.

Beloved breaststroke indeed!

Joanne said...

Anon! You're so dirty! :O
I hadn't even thought that way.

... said...

Good for you forcing yourself to do it...exercise is so awesome and half the battle is just getting into a routine. I hope you are enjoying it!!