Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Success and failures

So I've been working on exercising more and spending less. I've been doing quite well on the exercise front. According to foursquare I've been to the gym for the past 7 weeks. With the exception of last week I've done at least three days.  Last week I had to work late three times and so no gym for those days. I think that's pretty darn good. I do 20 swimming laps on lap swim day or 45 minutes of water aerobics on water aerobics days. Swimming days are usually longer workouts than water aerobics days. Then I do push-ups against the pool wall and crunches in the water. But my very favorite part of the work out is the very last five minutes of my workout. Even on water aerobics days I do this. I lay back and float on my back and let everything just relax into the water. I usually float for somewhere around five minutes. I love it. If I could wear a snorkle or perhaps a scuba tank I think I could sleep like that. (Although I'm sure I'd get pretty damn cold eventually).  Some spas offer a "float" as a relaxation activity (kind of like isolation tanks or sensory deprivation tanks). You float (naked) in warm extremely salty (epsom salt not regular I think) water and just let everything go. I don't seem to need that. I can just do it in the chlorine. :)

The spending money ONLY on necessities is not doing so great. I go to the gym in the evening after work. I tried going in the AM but it just was not happening. Plus it is better on traffic if I go after work. The problem is I get home after 7 pm. Sometimes I'm too tired to cook too so I end up eating take out. So much for my take out only once a week thought. (That doesn't mean I'm abandoning it, next week is a new week and an opportunity to try again.)  I've also bought things that were not necessities like trashy magazines and a new shirt that I loved and well I'm sure there've been other things.  Oh and before my high school reunion this weekend I want a pedicure. I tried a DIY pedicure. I do not have mad nail painting skills. A pedicure is not a necessity though so I will have to seriously think on this. Luckily my favorite pedicure place closes at 7:30 and I am not done at the gym and back in my neighborhood until after 7 so the temptation is and isn't strong.

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