Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It isn't vicodin

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Sam, the cat, has a food allergy. His owner can't eat wheat, he can't eat whatever they put in normal cat food that doesn't cost me a ridiculous amount of money. I'm not sure which is the most ridiculous about Sam's special cat food:

It is prescription food. In order to get the dry, canned and the treats I had to get THREE separate prescriptions. For hypoallergenic cat food. This is still cat food, not cat food laced with percocet. I don't have to hae a prescription for my gluten-free food but the cat does for his hypoallergenic cat food. Said prescription apparently ran out because when I went to pick him up I had to ask at the clinic for a new prescription as well. Depending on which Petsmart I go to, I can't always get the different varieties. There are 3 different hypoallergenic types: rabbit, venison and duck. His prescription is for the duck. Some Petsmarts let me get any variety with the prescription I have in hand. Others have given me crap because I'm getting the rabbit flavor instead of duck. Seriously?

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When Chase became diabetic, I had a hard time finding food for her that didn't contain carbs. It is amazing to me that the vet world knows that cats do not need veggies or carbs, that these two ingredients in cat food are the leading causes of diabetes in cats, but yet the cat food industry still produces cat food that is primarily carbs and veggies.

Cats are true carnivores, they really do not need anything but meat in their diets. I found some canned food that was mostly protein, and then I fed her cooked ground chicken. Since I really couldn't afford to feed her raw meat (which is all she would need since she would be able to eat the bones and get all the nutrients she needed), I had to settle for the above options.

Madison developed an allergy to the fillers in cat food (once again carbs and veggies), and I had to get prescription food for her, but I never had to have a prescription for it. I just purchased it at vet clinics because they were the only ones that carried it, but I could go to any clinic and I didn't have to prove that she needed it. It is so weird that they are giving you such a hassle about it all. It is just cat food after all...very expensive cat food, so they should just be thrilled to sell it.