Saturday, December 06, 2008

I accomplished 1 thing today.

I had a huge list of things to do and yet one thing prevented me from doing them and took me until 6:56 to accomplish. That one thing... a clog in my sink. Two days ago it filled with water and did not drain. I tried draino. I tried a 2nd bottle of draino. Nothing. Yesterday I bought a plunger. I plunged. I poured gross sink water into a bucket and plunged some more. I sustained a chemical burn on my middle finger because I had to hold the plunger in place in the water which was full of draino that hadn't done its job. This morning I got up and plunged some more. I'd take a break between plunging because the draino that was still in the plugged sink would suds up and then I couldn't see to plunge anymore. And finally at 2:30 I gave up and went to the store. Fuck the non-toxic way of doing it, I was going for the hardcore stuff. I have to say that during this time I was getting more and more frustrated with the sink I discovered three other frustrators. 1 - I went into the bedroom to change my socks and discovered that Tess had pooped on my bed AGAIN. This is becoming a thing with her. She's done it 4 times in the past two weeks. I don't own enough sheets for this to become a regular occasion. That pissed me off. 2 - There's a hole in the middle of my fitted sheet. I don't know where it came from but that is one more bottom sheet that is getting dumped in the trash. 3 - I missed a call from Stephen. I'm not really pissed about that because I rarely answer my cell at home BUT the reason I missed it is because one of my scouts changed my ringtone. Not only did she change my ringtone (that I could handle), but she recorded her random notes over the one I had painstakingly put in place several years ago. (My phone is so old it still has the composer feature and I programmed into it the Hedwig's theme from Harry Potter.) I've been using that ringtone for YEARS. That was like the final straw.

So I walked to get tacos for late lunch and bought some CLR and then also foaming pipe snake. One of those was going to work goddammit. I used the CLR power plumber and although I probably used all 15 applications in this one drain it cleared the drain. FINALLY. Now it's time to cook dinner and contemplating changing the sheets yet again. I'm so over that. Of course since I took the water I was scooping out of the sink and dumped it into the tub my tub is probably now clogged. Sigh.

Also I love the Pogues. I was just watching PS I love you and they have several Pogue songs. They're awesome.


Kate the Peon said...

Household dramas like that tend to get right under my skin and fester. The procrastinating, the fixes that don't work but should, the time wasted...I get really upset about those things.

And no, I didn't have my own episode with the dishwasher today, why do you ask? :)

Mishka said...

I think I would be keeping the offending ferret in a kennel if she can't keep from soiling your sheets...perhaps you can take her some kind of behavioral learning class so she will behave...