Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So sleepy

I hung out with Michelle's daughter yesterday while she and her husband had to go to work. Kids are tiring. I was dozing off on the sofa at 9:00. I also was dozing off on the floor while she played with shape sorters around me. Should have taken a nap when she did instead of playing Wii boom blox. :) But it was fun and we had a good time (I think). She didn't cry except when I accidentally turned on tickle me elmo. She's afraid of that. With good reason I think. I see all those kids on the commercials just loving that thing, I can't imagine why. They're kind of scary. Also because of all the mechanics to make it do its thing, you can't really cuddle with it. They have big heavy feet and weird feeling joints. Give me a simple stuffed elmo any day I say. (Or melmo as she says).

One weird thing about Michelle's house... she doesn't have a clock in most of the rooms. At home I have a minimum of one clock per room (except the bathroom because, well that's just weird). Here there isn't one in the family room, the tv room, the bedroom I'm sleeping in. I had to go get my cell phone so I could know what time it was. I'm sure there's actually reasons for some of them... the room I'm sleeping in is about to become Kenna's big girl room so when it gets changed she may put a clock in it (although I don't actually think there's one in her current room either). Maybe I'm just obsessed with time. :) Actually at one point yesterday, I was almost positive it was at least noon and I checked the time and almost cried because it was only like 9:30. That would be a big red flag that I'm not meant to be a stay at home mom. :)

Otherwise the weather is beautiful. Kenna and I went outside twice yesterday and I was totally too warm in my thin sweater. There's no snow on the ground (although when we went to Palmdale to return the lesbian blouses I did see some very small patches of very dirty brown snow along the freeway). And so far a good time is being had. What a nice way to spend Christmas break.


Kate the Peon said...

Awww! I like picturing you with Kenna! It's nice that you get to see her growing up. I see my BFF's kids, like, 1x a yr. Sorta sucks.

Jodi said...

Yes, our weather has been great, hasn't it? I have to have clocks in every room too. I think there are four in our bedroom. In fact, the kitchen clock stopped last night and it really bothered me.