Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let it Snow

The snow has been coming down off and on since Thursday. It is so beautiful. I really love it. My sister is enthralled with it. We went out for manicures and coffee and dinner and it was really coming down. It was really beautiful.

We're off to Vancouver BC tomorrow. I'm excited to go. Tomorrow we're going to Leavenworth via Greyhound. We'll spend the night there. It should be beautiful. I'm pretty excited by that too.

Wednesday we're going to Stephen's for Christmas eve dinner and we're going shopping. And then she goes home on Thursday. Hopefully we'll get the Christmas presents before Christmas and so I won't have to send Mandy's on to Florida.

Again my mother insisted she send them a way that requires my signature. What part of I'm not home during the day to sign for packages is confusing to her?? I thought they were going to redeliver yesterday but they didn't. They may on Monday. I don't know. So peeved by that.


Peeved Michelle said...

Is it just your sister visiting, no kid? Hi, sister!

Kate the Peon said...

Sounds like a very nice time!