Wednesday, December 10, 2008


QFC has redeemed itself (well sort of, if they didn't have what I wanted when I wanted it does the fact they had it the next day make up for it? Not really) but they had chicken which is good. (Unrelated totally, one thing I don't get about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is was the character born an adult? That seems physically difficult for his mother or was he born a baby but then aged rapidly to start aging backwords. Ultimately I don't care that much because I won't bother seeing it. It seems to weird to me.) Back on subject... So I went to QFC tonight to get chicken (still no chips in the bbq flavor I want though) and I cruised the Asian aisle thinking what I was going to do with the chicken and I decided to make Thai red curry. I've never done that before actually so I wasn't sure how it was going to work out. Mostly it was good. It could have used a bit more of the red curry paste though because it was a tiny bit bland. But it wasn't gross and that's usually enough for me. :) Next I have to bake brownies for our work party and I'm going to bake a chocolate chip quick bread for breakfast this week. Yay!


ren said...

i just read the short story "the curious case of benjamin button" so i have an answer for you! benjamin button is born as a little old man. smaller than an average young man, but larger than a baby. the actual birth is not explained and the story itself is something of a fable or fairy tale. i found it quite depressing although, as a fan of f. scott fitzgerald, beautifully written. i do not, however, understand how they have turned it into this "sweeping romance" of a movie. it's not. it's more a rumination on aging, death, and how we treat the very young and the very old. not a bit of romance to be seen.

more than you needed? sorry. read the story though, it's available on line for free, it's a quick read and i'd be curious to hear what you think.

Anonymous said...

The chicken curry was good. I liked it. :)