Thursday, December 04, 2008

My feet are cold

They are cold because I have all sorts of windows open. I have all sorts of windows open because apparently I tried to burn down my kitchen. Luckily I failed. :) My eyes are still watering a bit though. My living room was hazy for quite awhile and now I'm feeling a teeny tiny bit wheezy.

I've got a lot of charity shopping to do in the next couple of weeks. Stephen and Ben and I are going to buy presents for a couple kids off one of the giving trees at the mall. My department is working with other departments and we've adopted a family. Since I'm arranging it, I've assigned my department the mom. Buying for the kids is generally easier than for the adult I think. I still have to buy for Michelle and her husband and her mom and one more present for my dad. I have to wrap all the presents and get them together for shipping. Oh crap and I have to exchange one of the ones I bought for my niece (she has both a birthday and Christmas around the same time so I have to buy both).

I am getting excited about the break. Well not the part where my sister visits (only because I'm not done cleaning and not the part where she visits. I am excited for her to visit but my genuine lazy nature is really fighting my desire not to reveal my true messy nature - heh like she doesn't know... :) ) She wants to go to Vancouver and to Leavenworth. That should be fun I think. I also have to get off my ass and buy my plane ticket for CA. Each day I procrastinate I'm guaranteeing the price is going up. Sigh. Actually, I once read on that the best time to buy a ticket is about this time of night on a Wednesday and they are totally right. I just found a nice cheap ticket for Burbank although Michelle might hate me since the return trip leaves at 8:00 AM. But when I was looking earlier this week, it was going to be about $350 for the ticket. Now I'm paying $250. Yay. Ticket purchased. So on my list to do before 12/21:

1 - Clean the apartment. Seriously.
2 - Purchase presents for Michelle, husband of Michelle and charity
3 - Arrange for Tess & Rigby to stay at the vet tech's for the week I'm gone.
4 - Clean the apartment. Did I mention that?
5 - Haircut on Saturday the 13th
6 - Charity shop with Stephen & Ben

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