Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A bunch of random thoughts leading up to one whole post

I donated blood today. I was pleased I managed to have enough iron in my body to do it for a change. Usually I get yellow carded for at least the first two attempts. They have a new machine, now, to test the hematocrit. Weirdly, the first time they did it I totally failed. You have to have a 12.5 reading and I only had a 11.4. So they did it a 2nd time and passed it. It did make me wonder.

I've been having crazy ass dreams lately. Two nights ago it was a long drawn out dream that actually continued after every time I woke up. There was something about children and I rescued them from the side of the road where they were just sitting. Kind of like picking up a stray dog. I took them to work to find their keepers and I can't remember the rest. Although in the beginning of my dream they were boys but by the end of the dream one was a girl. I can't remember last nights except that an ex made an appearance and it was so real when I woke up this morning I was briefly confused as to whether or not I had seen him in Seattle. (He's not from here so why would he be here?).

Other thoughts include that I find this one concept for mascara creepy... lash tubes. I don't really get it but every time I see the ad on TV I get creeped out. (Completely illogical I know)

I'm trying to cook more at home. So far I've managed two meals in a row. That's not saying a lot. :) Although both were really good. :)

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